AI Bots as Instructors
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Date posted: 06/06/2008
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Robotic avatars developed by AHG, Inc. are on a new mission. According to a press release, AHG have released a Robotic Instructors simulation for use in new hire orientation and onboarding.

The bots run on a third party VR structure. Second Life was used for the initial demonstration.

They log in Second Life on demand, provide a guided tour or lesson(s) for trainees and log out after the session is completed. During the session robotic instructors can ask trainee to repeat specific steps and provide trainee with a feedback. Several robotic instructors can operate at the same time, providing guided tours to different trainees in different locations. Whilst this is nothing we've not seen before on other platforms, the key is the way the bots are coded.

The simulation is completely controlled through a graphic web interface. Non-programmers, such as instructional designers or training specialists, are able to modify an existing simulation or even create a new one without a single line of code.

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