Blade Runner sequel
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Date posted: 30/01/2009
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Travis Wright, one of the writers behind the thriller Eagle Eye starring Shia LaBeouf, has been working on a sequel to Ridley Scott's SF classic Blade Runner for some time and is enthusiastically pushing to make it happen.

Travis and his former writing partner, John Glenn, had worked on developing a sequel in 2005, but it never got off the ground. While the pair didn't complete a finished script, they wrote several approaches for producer Bud Yorkin. Bud Yorkin is one of Blade Runner's original executive producers and holds the rights to possible sequels.

While John Glenn and Travis Wright are no longer working together, Travis told Slashfilm he intends to write a script "with or without anyone's blessings. Whether anyone ever reads it or even cares remains to be seen".

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