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Date posted: 09/07/2009
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You could turn your holiday snaps or favourite figurines into three-dimensional images with new free software developed by a researcher from Queensland University of Technology and the Australasian CRC for Interaction Design (ACID), based at QUT.

Eight years of 3D image research is coming to fruition for Dr David McKinnon who has designed software that could revolutionise the way three-dimensional images are created.

And the best part is anyone can log onto Dr McKinnon's website and use the software prototype, called 3Dsee, for free.

"In the film and computer games industry, you would spend a really long time making 3D models to create footage like what 3Dsee could create in just a few minutes," Dr McKinnon said.

"Instead of 3D animators working from a set of photos to model an object or using a cumbersome laser scanner, this software can create 3D models directly from a series of photos, which is a great time and money saver.

"The full version of this software could create 3D action shots, like the famous Matrix bullet scene."

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