Icuiti's Video Eyewear - A Revolution in Personal and Portable Video Viewing
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Date posted: 07/01/2005
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(Press Release) Jan. 5, 2005--Icuiti Corporation, a world leader in personal display solutions, today announced the North American introduction of the World's first "Video Eyewear" at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The Icuiti V920 Video Eyewear was developed as the perfect display solution for the coming mobile video and information era. This revolutionary device overcomes the limitations of traditional direct view displays and creates BIG screen images from micro displays, providing users with an unparalleled solution for mobile entertainment and information applications.

Visually, the Icuiti V920 Video Eyewear looks much like a pair of designer sunglasses. The V920 is small enough to fit in your pocket and lightweight at just 3.5 oz (99 g). Designed for semi-immersive viewing, Video Eyewear is the world's first binocular display that does not have to be strapped or mounted on the users head. It is worn like a typical pair of eyewear and can be used in conjunction with prescription eyeglasses.

The V920 Video Eyewear contains two EDTV resolution (920,000 pixel) LCD screens, one in front of each eye. They enable private viewing of video content on a virtual theater sized screen. Both high quality traditional (2D) video as well as flicker-free 3D stereoscopic video can be viewed in complete privacy - opening up an entirely new form of video viewing. Stereo audio is provided through adjustable headphones built into the temples of the eyewear that can be removed to accommodate the use of alternative personal headphones.

The interface Controller easily connects to almost any video/audio source supporting standard composite video, S-Video and progressive scan VGA. A PAL version will be available in February for the European market. Its flexible interface enables the use of audio/video sources ranging from a laptop computer to portable DVD players and even video enabled cell phones. The compact Controller provides volume and screen brightness controls and houses 2 AA batteries that provide up to 4.5 hours of viewing time.

"Our Video Eyewear sets a new paradigm in personal and portable video." says Paul Travers, CEO of Icuiti Corporation. "It has broad market appeal ranging from a traveler watching a DVD at 35,000 feet to a gamer playing their Xbox or PC."

The V920 Video Eyewear can be used as a portable high resolution display or as the ultimate viewer in the rapidly growing mobile video markets with portable DVD players, "in-car" video systems, video enabled cell phones, game consoles, and the new personal digital media/video players (PVPs).

The V920 is available through Icuiti's website ( and select retailers in the US and Japan. It is introductory priced at only $499.00.

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