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Site News - January 2012
Site Development This Month:
0 New Links added.
3 Hosted Resources Added.
11 Industry News Stories.

 30/01/2012: Dictionary Repairs
With profound thanks to a server that behaves predictably to code, the odd errors that have for some time been appearing on the Virtual Dictionary results pages have been found and permanently removed. The dictionary results have also been tidied up slightly.

 28/01/2012: End of First Week of Second Rebirth
We have been under new server arrangements for a working week, and already the difference is glaringly obvious this server setup actually works, and our code executes almost flawlessly. As many of you will have noticed, throughout the week, recalcitrant scripts were brought back online, their errors previously unnoticed, because they'd stopped working entirely on the previous server along with the error logs.

Almost every page now functions, and that disclaimer is only because we have not yet tried every page and combination. We are aware of a few missing files, because the logging routines on this blessed server actually function as they are supposed to, and attempts are under way to contact the relevant organisations for replacements.

Behind the scenes is also functional, and we can actually start doing the most important aspect of the site once again namely keeping on the crest of the wave of VR and AR development. A great deal has happened, and continues to happen, in the time we have been regrettably idle, and as it is part of our job to tell you what all of it means, we had best get back to doing just that!

 23/01/2012: Returning From the Grave - Again
We are back!

Well, almost back. The Virtual Worldlets Network has changed servers. We went down at the end of November 2011, and by December 2011, our staff had been locked out. Not maliciously, but simply because not one of our scripts could be trusted to execute to completion. Sometimes they did, sometimes they did not.

Our server host maintained it was a problem with our scripts, but the same problems were encountered even with basic html pages they took 20 seconds plus for the server to serve, then failed to completely serve, cutting out halfway through yet everything executed perfectly on our test server.

As this had happened several times before with the hosting service, it seemed best to wait the issue out, and it would eventually rectify itself. Usually after a week or two, everything would self-right, with no changes to any scripts whatsoever. After all, we had only relatively recently moved to a new hosting service, after the problems with the previous data centre going out of business.

This time however, things went from bad to worse, until without warning, the hosting service blocked the site claiming we were using far too many resources 300x the usual amount. So, we have moved to a new server, this time an English server. With an increasing threat to any business that uses the merest possibility of derivative works in American-based servers, this move seems a wise precaution. We don't deal with any illegal material, but bills such as SOPA and PIPA, target all internet organisations directly, rather than just the illegals. So, the move seemed like a good idea. Especially for a VR development service that by definition, references the services of many, many others.

The site's files are being uploaded over the weekend, and we hope to be fully operational by early next week. With no errors in our scripts (or basic HTML 4 test files) that our servers can discern, we are hopeful that the issues will indeed show to be an issue with the data centre we spent the past year using. If everything works as it did prior to November, when we finish uploading, this will be the proof of the pudding.