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VWN Legal Issues

Requesting a modification / Requesting Removal

If you are the author or copyright holder for a hosted resource and, for whatever reason, you are unhappy with the modifications performed to your resource, you desire a resource removed, or you would like to submit an update, simply contact the site via the mailing address you were given upon acceptance of your resource. Please ensure that you use the same e-mail address as you used to submit the article, or, if you were issued a code number, quote it. This step is necessary to validate your identity.

If you have forgotten the address to use, please email admin@virtualworldlets.net, quoting your number, or using the original e-mail address. Please note that, since this is the general-contact address, replies or other action may take quite some time.

Please include in the body of your e-mail, your reasons for wanting the change, or modification. We will endeavour to make the aragements by the next update, or contact you for further information. A removal will take effect within two working days.