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VWN Legal Issues

Acceptable Advertising

Given the frequency with which we are asked certain questions on the nature of advertising we accept, it is perhaps best to formalise our response here.

Ideally, advertising should reflect our core markets, with products related to virtual reality, augmented reality, CGI or robotics preferred. However, we are open to discussion about most subjects.

We do draw the line however, at products dealing with pornography, online drug orders, and their ilk. Maliciously coded adverts are likewise not going to be permitted, Additionally, any request to advertise any products that are illegal in the US, UK, or European Union will not be accepted, so please stop asking.

We have had some queries about nudity, pointing out that we do have 'nude' content on the site already. However, we would like to point out that there is a world of difference between a 3D human breast modelled from medical data from a mammography in order to provide a more accurate health check, as opposed to pornographic images. The former is acceptable to us; after all we have numerous examples of such. The latter is not.

At the end of the day, full discretion for whether a given advert will be acceptable or not. We may be open to discussion on the subject should you wish to contact us about a specific product that may be on the borderline, but ultimately our decision is final.