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VWN Legal Issues

Our Provisions

Accessibility issues are important to us at the Virtual Worldlets Network, and we strive to ake our sites as visible as possible to all, regardless of the method used to view them.

No critical information is colour-coded

Whilst a fair amount of colour is used in this site, it is encoded in CSS technology. This means that the colour codes are not bound to the text. If you turn off CSS support in your browser, the colours vanish.

More helpfully, you may override CSS settings by creating a CSS stylesheet in your browser (see your browser support for how to do this). With this sheet, if any of our colours are causing difficulty, you can change them, across our site to whatever colour you like, and have our site always display in those colours just for you.

To go a step further, vischeck.com, a specialist in colour blindness simulation's services were used to ensure that the site is comfortably readable for any colourblindness combination known,

Dynamic Text sizes

Our text is dynamic, across the site. It has no fixed size, and so you can change it to whatever alternate sizes your browser allows.

At present there is no way to change font sizes within the site?s code. This is being investigated, to determine a way of doing so, cross-browser.

In the meantime:

Mozilla Browsers

To change your default font size in Netscape 7 or Mozilla browsers select:
?View? menu > Either ?Increase Text Size? or ?Decrease Text Size?

Opera Browsers

To change your zoom level in Opera browsers select:
?View? menu > ?Zoom? > Select chosen level

Internet Explorer

To change your default font size in Internet Explorer select:
?View? menu > ?Text Size? > Select chosen size (Largest to Smallest)


This site uses Accesskey technology to enable you to surf the key areas of this site without using the mouse. It works by pressing key combinations on your keyboard, and your browser automatically knows which link to select.

Accesskeys are interpreted differently by different browsers:

1. Internet Explorer 4+: Hold down the ALT key and select the number/letter of the access key, then press ENTER.

2. Internet Explorer 5+ for Mac: Hold down the CTRL key and select the number/letter of the access key.

3. Mozilla: Hold down the ALT key and select the number/letter of the access key, enter is not required.

4. Netscape 6+: Hold down the ALT key and select the number/letter of the access key.

5. Opera: In sequence press SHIFT then ESC and then select the number/letter of the access key.

Other browsers may or may not work, but we are not aware of the accesskey combinations for them, if combinations exist. Browser numbers below those mentioned above, do not support Accesskeys.

Our Accesskeys:

2. Skip Navigation.

This feature was implemented with Lynx in mind. Users of the text-based browser should not have to put up with it reaming out te complex, convoluted code of our menu system each page view - this will skip it all.

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