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VWN Legal Issues

Submitting a Resource

VWN does not, has not, and will not claim copyright for any works not authored by staff, or released to us expressly transferring copyright.

Therefore, any work accepted for promotion upon this site will remain in the author / current owner's IP. To comply with this, and to stop any legal wrangling, we ask you to please include three things with any resource:

The name of the author
The date the resource was first published, to attribute copyright
An email address, for contact.

* Please note, author's contact details (e-mail address) are not directly viewable to our readers. Instead, a textual submit form is provided for each, placing it up to the author to respond or not as they see fit.

All submissions should be sent to our main administration email account. See below for specific details expected of hosted articles.

Resource Types | Moral Standards of Resources | Copyright Clarification


Resource Types

At one time, a hosted resource meant a web page or textfile, and anything went. Now, almost anything still goes, but we have a wider range of options for your article, code snippet, or presentation:

Standard Hosted Article

Our original hosting plan, and still the lagest type.

Our standard plan allows for two copies of your article, one designed for online, the other for printing. The differences are handled by our stylesheets, and recoding takes place as part of pre-hosting. For layout reasons, any image wider than 600 pixels, or code line longer than 80 characters will be rearranged.

Copyright and author details are stored to the left of these articles, at the top of the page, along with links to other articles by the same author on the same topic if applicable. At the base of these articles, any special information requested by the author can be stored - change in copyright status, updates, change in beliefs, etc.

These resources are printer friendly by virtue of their nature, so no printer friendly version is required.

Example of a standard hosting

PowerPoint Jpegs

We have recently (at time of writing) begun offering PowerPoint conversions - PowerPoint slideshows are MS Windows only, and not everyone appreciates having to download massive .ppt files, without seeing what they are getting.

We convert powerpoint into jpeg files, numbering the slides, and adding clarifying titles where necessary. Our imaging technology permits resizing of these files on the fly, ensuring a web visitor only has to download amounts proportional to the size of the single screen they are viewing.

Copyright and authorship informaion is available, below each slide.

Unlimited number of slides

Example of PowerPoint Jpegs

Image Resources

A modified presentation system, this option presents a smaller image file on the left, and a short description (approx 250 characters) to the right of, and spaced below the image. Our image manipulation technology will restrict the image size if necessary, to accomodate the text, so be succint.

Author and image copyright displayed separately below each page of the resource, one picture per page.

Each resource can be as many pages long as desired.

Example of an image resource


Required Standards

Before submitting a resource to us, for inclusion, you should ensure it contains none of the following:

1. Any racial, sexual, or other discrimationary material - Non PC statements are acceptable, so long as they don't violate any of the stipulations outlined here.

2. Pornographic content or suggestions - with the single notable exception of the field of teledildonics, for obvious reasons.

3. Excessive or liberal use of swearing.

4. libelous statements without factual, and supportable evidence (If you can't prove it, don't name them)

5. The resource cannot include any material copyrighted by other parties, or of dubious origin, without crediting those parties, and, where applicable, obtaining their consent for hosting here.

Any resource that does not meet all of these simple stipulations, will be much more likely to be rejected than a resource that does. If 1, 2, or 4 are not met, the resource will not be accepted.



VirtualWorldlets.net believes strongly in promoting innovation and discovery. The present trend in copyright law is designed to stifle this. Therefore, our policy is that any author, or programmer submitting their work to this site shall retain full copyright to their original work. That said, we do insist on three non-negotiable caveats:

1. VirtualWorldlets.net is granted permission to maintain two (2) copies of any work that is intended for on-screen display. One of these will be displayed as part of the site, the other as a printer-friendly varient, lacking the majority of the site menus. Both copies will remain unaltered in informational content, and style, except for the modifications outlined below.

2. By contributing work to our site, the copyright-owner acknowledges that they are concenting to the hosted work being freely available to the public, for any use excepting that stippulated on the resource itself.

3. Should the author conceed the copyright to their work to a third party at some future date, VirtualWorldlets.net remains entitled to display the work unless specific arrangements have been made by the author to us, stating otherwise.

Acceptable Formats

In order to make life easier for ourselves, and to enable the resource to be checked more quickly, please limit your submission's formats to the following:

Textual resources should be submitted one of the following formats:

Plain ASCII text (*.txt)
Rich-Text (*.rtf)
MS Word? (*.doc).
Plain HTML (*.htm, *.html)

*Note, if you do submit in *.doc, no macroes, VBA, or other advanced word features are to be used. The slightest suspicion by anyone at the Virtual Worldlets Network as to the dubious nature of a file, and it will be deleted.

Graphics files are welcomed in JPEG (*.jpg, *.jpeg) format, of TIFF (*.tif) format, of whechever compression rate you see fit. Whilst we do accept GIF images, use of these is discouraged due to issues arising from the nature of the format. *.png files are not accepted at this time, due to large file sizes proportional to their content.

Code is preferred in plain txt files, which can easily be converted into plain text files. Additional formatting of not more than 60 characters per line is requested.