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Resource Database

The main purpose of this site is, and has always been to provide acccess to the resources neccessary for the creation, and ongoing improvement of all virtual worlds, virtual environments, and the facilitation of virtual life.

The Resource Database is one of the main thrusts of that purpose. Here we house thousands of articles and tutorials, whitepapers and code snippets, all with a single purpose in mind: Improving virtual reality.

Within each category, the menus are sub-divided into related groups, or secctions. Each section then houses the relevant articles.

Sometimes you will find an article in more than one section. This is deliberate, and part of our holistic policy. It has been done this way so each person, no matter what you are looking for, finds the resouces that best suit your needs.

The public resources for the resource dictionary are available from the drop down menu to the left.

If you are trying to locate a private resource, or closed-access resource, please contact your VWN representitive for access details.