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Source: Snow Crash, Page: 99

But there's no problem with going into his office; because that's generated within the guts of his computer, which is sitting on his lap; he doesn't need any communication with the outside world for that.

He materializes in his office, in his nice little house, in the old hacker neighbourhood just off the street.It is all quite Nipponese: tatami mats cover the floor. His desk is a great, ruddy slab of rough-sawn mahogany. Silvery cloud-light filters through rice-paper walls. A panel in front of him slides open to reveal a garden. Complete with babbling brook and steelhead trout jumping out from time to time to catch flies.

Our Thoughts on this Quote

How many times have you cursed yourself for heading out, and leaving something you needed back at the office?

If your office is for all intents and purposes, on your computer, with all files you require on a daily basis, on it, or accessible from it, and you are, as is the increasing trend, a digital nomad able to work from anywhere then you will always have everything in your office with you, wherever you go.

Your working environment can be anything you can imagine, from a desk-log in the middle of steaming, noisy jungle, to a quarter of a mos pit to an asteroid among the stars. It does not matter the environs within which you work, simply what makes you the most comfortable and most productive you can be.

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About the Book 'Snow Crash'
By Neal Stephenson
Produced By Bantam Spectra

"The other girl is a Brandy. Her date is a Clint. Brandy and Clint are both popular, off-the-shelf models. When white-trash high school girls are going on a date in the Metaverse, they invariably run down to the computer-games section of the local Wal-Mart and buy a copy of Brandy. The user can select three breast sizes: improbable, impossible, and ludicrous. Brandy has a limited repertoire of facial expressions: cute and pouty; cute and sultry; perky and interested; smiling and receptive; cute and spacy. Her eyelashes are half an inch long and the software is so cheap that they are re...
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