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Source: We Can Build You, Page: 64

That touched me to the heart. Again I re-experienced my first impression of it: That in many ways it was more human - god help us! - than we were, than Pris or Maury or even me, Louis Rosen. Only my father stood above it in dignity. Doctor Horstowski - another only partly human creature, dwarfed by this electronic simulacrum.

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About the Book 'We Can Build You'
By Philip K Dick
Produced By HarperCollins

We can build You is a very strange tale, centring around Louis Rosen, one of the partners in a firm attempting to sell electronic musical organs, that his father?s factory creates. Business has not been good of late: The organs are squeaky, tinny things, and by the second page it is clear the small firm is in dire streights. The solution comes in the form of his business partner, Maury Rock?s daughter, Pris Frauenzimmer.

She is very unusual, in that she was diagnosed as schizophrenic at seven years old. Now 18, she is better, or so the state says. She has attracted the attenti...
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