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3D Mouse

A 3D mouse, also known as a magic wand, or just a wand, is a device that works a little like a mouse ? it fits in the hand, it has buttons to click in ergonomic places, and sometimes even has a trackwheel.

However, it is just held in the hand. There is no desk, nothing to run along, and it detects up, down, left, right, forwards, backwards, pitch, yaw and roll in terms of movement. A full six degrees of freedom. Sometimes wands even have accelerometers in them, to detect velocity changes as well as positional updates.

See Also: Wand, Magic Wand

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3D Mouse

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VR Interfaces: Gyration Air Mouse
Movea?s Gyration Air Mouse is essentially an updated wand, or 3D pointer. It is hopefully the first of a new breed that works just as well in 2D on the desk, as it does bneing waved about in 3D in the air.

A bit of an oddity, this book. Right from the start, it derides VR interface hardware as expensive, niche and unnecessary, insisting you can achieve everything VR is good for, with a desktop PC and a mouse.

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BBC Click: The future of interaction?
This BBC article takes a look at three separate technologies vying to replace keyboard and mouse: Touchscreens, brain machine interfaces and gesture recognition.

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Mice and keyboards, two great tastes...
A good article that puts to words in simple language that which we all know: Virtual environments for the masses are only creeping along because of the interface problem. For most users, a mouse and a keyboard is all they have for input, and true interaction requires just so much more.

One of the great issues with immersive VR has always been allowing natural movement in enclosed spaces. The VirtuSphere looks a lot like a giant mouse ball, or hamster wheel. However, it is perfect for the task at hand - complete freedom in all six degrees.

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VR Interfaces: AirStrike
AirStrike is a gesture control system designed to enable control of any pc or display interface via waving your fingers in the air, and smart sensing technology to detect those gestures accurately enough to completely replace a computer mouse or 3D pointer.

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A novel interface paradigm computer, the QB1 is the brainchild of one Fr?d?ric Kaplan, an engineer with a background in robotic systems for Sony. He worked with designer Martino d?Esposito of EPFL in France, to create a computer system with no mouse, no keyboard, just an on/off switch, and the ability to recognise and respond to gestures.

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Brain Maps.org
BrainMaps.org is an original idea ? a fully searchable high-resolution digital brain atlas. Consisting of hundreds of scanned slices of human, primate, cat, and mouse brains, it is geared to help researchers query and retrieve data about brain structure and function at a second?s notice.


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Mouseless is a computer mouse that allows you to interact with a computer with a mouse in the same way as usual - except that there is no mouse hardware. The researchers call it an "invisible mouse."

A group of scientists w...

Today, Logitech took the computer mouse where no mouse has gone before. With Logitech Darkfield Laser Tracking, you can use your mouse virtually anywhere you want - including clear glass (that's at least 4 mm thick) and high-gloss surfaces...

An intrepid group of UC San Diego undergraduate engineers designed and built a robotic mouse from scratch as part of the IEEE MicroMouse competition.

Test robotic mouse in maze.
Note any problems with robot behavior.

Just when you thought invisibility cloaks couldn't get any weirder, researchers come up with this: a way to make one object look like any other.

The illusion is a two-step process, and to see how it works, imagine making a m...

There isn't much about computers that is warm and fuzzy. But now there's something kind of squishy.

A startup company is selling a $35 computer mouse with two unusual features - it's round, and it's covered in a smooth, g...