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3d Architectural Program

A 3D architectural program is a type of object creation software dedicated to making precisely measured, intricate models for which polygon counts and render speed are not concerns.

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3d Architectural Program


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Large Image Display: Program: Welcome back to the Real?
The closing scene from the Animatrix short, Program, has two very important and pertinent lessons to teach. One concerns the problem with grasping the emotions, the other a reminder about interfaces.

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Program is the fifth of the Animatrix animated shorts concerning different interpretations of virtual reality. It opens on a field of blowing reeds, very samuraiesque as a charge of Japanese warriors on horseback ride up from the distance and plough through, flaming arrows mounted in their bows, ready to be loosed at a moment's notice.

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Smart Fabrics ? Wear your Augmented Interface
Industry News

Woven cicuitry turns your clothing into the interface for your life. Just add your phone or ipod, and let that program your clothes for you.

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Avatar Pieces for Every VR Environment
With all graphical elements for 3D VR there is a further issue beyond finding a program or library capable of meeting your requirements. This article describes the simple steps necessary to ensure the items you choose are compatible with your VR of preference.

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Large Image Display: Fantasy Reality for So Many
This single still is from the widescreen version of ?Program?, one of the Animatrix animated shorts. It conceptualizes the deep ridden id desire for a better body, to be a better person ,and to have the whole world, revolve around you, and your actions.

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Robotic Learning Locomotion
The Learning Locomotion program by DARPA is attempting the creation of self-learning robots, with legs, not wheels, who can traverse any terrain.

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iPhone Based Hearing Aids
A novel and very practical use for an iPhone as an auxiliary hearing aid has been developed. The soundAMP program takes control of the iPhone, and essentially uses the in-built microphone to boost ambient noise levels.

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Virtual-Reality Program Recreates Traumatic Memory
An innovative project at Tripler Army Medical Centre utilises an immersive virtual reality interface to take patients back to the war zones they experienced, to treat their battlefield stress.

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ED-209 and the Fear over Programmed Robotics
ED-209 is the classic example of the programmed mind problem. When you program a mind how to think and what to think, as opposed to letting it evolve its own reactions with guidance and teaching, you create a rigid and inflexible will which simply cannot understand input outside its programmed range.


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The School of Architecture and Planning, University of Buffallo, USA, is preparing to unleash a new masters degree for potential architects aimed squarely at teaching them how to use virtual reality - now an essential part of their knowledg...

It seems that avatar-based worlds are starting to become immersive. A new, breakthrough algorithm for industry simulation, architectural and research worlds works out whether the surface you're about to 'step on' is floor, wall, or somet...

(Press Release) SHEFFIELD, UK (7 November 2005) - LightWork Design, supplier of rendering solutions for developers of advanced 3D computer graphics software, is pleased to announce a collaboration with Arc Technology, developers of the ARC+...

A team at the University of Geneva have created virtual recreations of historical monuments using sophisticated 3D computer modelling technology.

They have developed VR models of two Turkish mosques dating from the Ottoman era ...

Trying to focus during a lecture may no longer be a problem for some fine arts students thanks to a new program offered at ASU that takes students into the virtual world. Alyson Gill, associate professor of art history, has been using the p...