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A-Life means literally "Artificial Life" and is a related field to AI. A-Life tries to recreate software with all the markings of independent, vibrant creatures - though not necessary with a great deal of intelligence. A-life is used in MUDs and MMOs to create realistically behaving creatures, and in research to create sophisticated, working ecosystems.

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Artificial Life

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Learning By Imitation

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A new life, a happier life, a virtual life
The life which most crave for is a life in which the form they wear is one of their choosing, one in which the visage they present matches the person inside. A life which feels as physically real as the one left behind, in which the person is more active, more vibrant, more alive than they might have been otherwise.

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A Virtual Life: A half-life?
A sobering quote from Count Zero which does make you think. Even for those of us keen to experience life through the virtual as the great equalizer, unless we hit the point where VR is literally everywhere, with AR and physical life hopelessly intermingled and intertwined, a life solely through VR is always going to be a life at disadvantage, when interacting with others, who get to live in both.

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The life of a mud player
An interesting psychological article that looks at the role reversal between someone?s physical life and someone?s virtual life as they start to spend more time in the virtual than in the physical. It has particular emphasis for gameworlds, so many of the points do not really apply to worlds whose purpose is to improve quality of life.

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Second hype or second life?
Social VR finally begin to achieve mainstream respect, as a BBC columnist starts to consider them a serious part of life. Second Life, in this case.

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Germany Declares War on Second Life
A look at the news of early May 2007, and the changes to Second Life levied by the German government, blaming Second Life itself for the actions of a paedophile in their midst.

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Second Life Sketches: Please stop doing that to the cat
A humourous, and at the same time, mildly disturbing tale of life in Second life, when the cyber gets out of hand, and begins to affect physical world laws of the country of origin.

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Five Rules For Bringing Your First-Life Business Into Second Life
If you are thinking about establishing yourself in Second Life ? or any virtual environment ? Information Week offer five rules that should help your new venture be a success.

This book is of mixed usefulness. Its an official guide, endorsed by the people behind Second Life, and teaches the specifics of setting up a business in Second Life, running with their systems. In that way, it greatly simplifies the task.

Scripting is the spice of Second Life, and this official guide to the Linden Scripting Language (LSL) is the complete scripting resource for making your Second Life creations come to life, interacting with players, creating dazzling special effects, and adding realism to the virtual world.

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Podcast: Second Life Ecology Project Tour
This video is basically a tour of some of the many ecological projects taking place within the virtual environment platform known as Second Life. Along the way, it serves as an excellent overview of Second Life, and indeed social virtual worlds in general, for those who have never experienced one. It is also good for those who adamantly refuse to ever try such.


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The man behind Second Life is stepping down from his role as head of the company that created the virtual world.

Linden Lab founder Philip Rosedale will become the company's chairman once a new head for the firm has been hir...

Linden Lab chief executive Mark Kingdon shakes his head when he sees news stories heralding the demise of former Internet darling Second Life.

"You read those stories; as CEO I have to shake my head," said Mark Kingdon, who...

If you found a self-replicating organism living inside your computer, your first instinct might be to reach for the antivirus software. If, however, you are Andrew Wade, an avid player in the two-dimensional, mathematical universe known as ...

A Carnegie Mellon University rover called Zoe is the first robot to remotely detect life, finding fluorescent signals from both visible lichens and microscopic bacteria in Chile's barren Atacama Desert.

The NASA-sponsored fi...

Scientists are to establish a giant catalogue of life - to, in effect, "barcode" every species on Earth, from tiny plankton to the mighty blue whale.

Initial projects will focus on birds and fish, recording details in their...