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Acoustic Shock

Acoustic shock is the term for a sudden loud, unexpected noise, piercing into the ear. It makes the user jump or wince at the pain it causes, and depending on the intensity of the sound, may start to do damage to the ear.

Acoustic shock is a potential problem when using binaural sound systems, or another form of headphone-using sound system. Such systems send the sound vibrations directly into the pinna of the ear, and into the ear canal and eardrum at nearly point-blank range.

So, when a sound produced, does not take into account the comfort range of that individual, there is a danger of acoustic shock, as modern headphone systems are perfectly capable of producing sounds that will deal damage to the ear. Acoustic shock can be circumvented entirely by means of direct-to-the-brain neural codes passing up the auditory nerve. However, such techniques are highly invasive, and currently in their infancy.

See Also: Pinna, Pinna Filtering, Pinna Notch, Neural Coding, Binaural, Binaural Sound

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