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Active marker MoCap

Active marker MoCap, or Motion Capture, is an optical real-time body positioning and movement tracking method whereby a network of LEDs all over the body, positioned along bones, and between joints, are illuminated one after the other, at a rate too swift for the human eye to catch.

Rather than reflecting light back that is generated externally, as in passive marker MoCap, the LEDs each shine brightly, and their position in 3D space is recorded by software tied to multiple cameras watching from different angles. Distance is worked out, as each LED has the same intensity, so the brightness of each as a lightsource is used to determine distance.

As long as the results are processed at a rate of 60hz or over ? each LED cycled 60 times a second - real-time animation based on body positioning is possible.

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Swift MoCap Sequence Retrieval
A better way has been developed for premade MoCap summoning. A method that uses general limb movements to call up the closest matching MoCap file.

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MoCap for Movement Analysis
Promising work by QuinteQ on real-time motion capture without excessive hardware, holds promise for MoCap use in public VR.

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Large Image Display: Simone: Mocap Animation Differences
In Lessons from Simone: MoCap Filter , it was discussed how Simone whilst yes she was controlled by Victor?s body movements in a MoCap system, never quite copied those movements perfectly. Whereas Viktor's movements are not always feminine, Simone moves with a permanent feminine grace.

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Combining MoCap and Gesture Recognition
MoCap - Motion Capture - for all its impressive abilities, has definite limitations in terms of sensory fidelity, the expense and bulk of the rig. Gesture control is cheap and captures every little movement, but easily overwhelmed. Is a hybrid system possible?

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Lessons from Simone: MoCap Filter
Simone is a seminal virtual reality film, and there are several aspects of both the technology of VR and the social impact, which the film carries off very well, and which deserve to stand on their own merits. The MoCap filter the film alludes to, is one such aspect.

World Review: Active Worlds
World Review: Active Worlds welcome screen
Active Worlds is a crossbreed. Nominally used as a 3D chatspace, its also a hive of creative building, the codebase for several RPGs, and the source of inspiration for many new VR ventures.

AW itself is made up of a collection of worlds, sharing the same graphical base, yet it manages to maintain cohesion as a 'worldlet' of sorts itself.
Rating 49.5
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