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Adaptive Skinning

Adaptive Skinning is the process by which an adaptive skin is placed over a polygonal model. An adaptive skin is a layer placed over the original model whicvh follows its own internal laws of physics as it drapes over the model – rather like how the skin on a human body adds a differing shape to the muscles underneath.

It works by analysing the structure of the model it flows over, and how each node flows into the nodes around it, and then uses an algorithm to determine how it will flow over those nodes, concentrating more on the connections between them than the nodes themselves.

See Also: Adaptive Skin, Freeform Surface Modelling, mesh LOD

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Fast Adaptive Optics for 3D Medical Imaging
One of the greatest problems with tomography based medical scanners, is what happens when the patient moves (breathes, or pumps blood). The distortion that occurs in each slice has long been correctable, but takes a long time to correct. With near-instant correction now possible, real-time medical scanning is starting to look like a true possibility.

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During the 2007 Singularity Summit in San Francisco, magazine The Futurist spoke with five of the leading voices in modern AI creation: MIT roboticist Rodney Brooks, Adaptive A.I. Inc. founder Peter Voss, Self-Aware Systems founder Steve Omohundro, Powerset CEO Barney Pell, and Google research director Peter Norvig. All were asked about the nearness of artificial general intelligence, and this is the combination of all five interviews.


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