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Agro Range

In gameworlds, the agro range is the distance, usually, in radius out from an auto-aggressive mob or monster that it attacks without warning within. Once a player or NPC enters that range, the monster may attack unprovoked.

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Agro Range


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High Dynamic Range Photography, and Use in Eye Emulation
H.D.R., or high dynamic range photography is a relatively new technique used by photographers to take high-quality full lighting range photos that are near-indistinguishable from paintings, for their ability to correctly replicate the lighting of a given scene, exactly how the human eye would see it.

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Using RFID to Monitor Implants
A biodegradable, edible RFID chip, hoped to be swallowed and tracked through the stomach, may actually have a far wider range of applications than the one aimed at.

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Inside the injured brain, many kinds of awareness
Industry News

Industry news, originally posted 11-04-2005. Neuroscientists now understand at least some of the physiology behind a wide range of unconscious states, from deep sleep to coma.

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Future of fashion
A detailed look atthe duality of appearance likely in the near future, where we may appear one way in the physical world, and have a whole range of digital appearances in the augmented reality and virtual environment worlds.

This book attempts to gather together a range of viewpoints of differing fields to create a holistic picture of whether or not a community that exists in cyberspace can truly be called a legitimate community.

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Tasks: a new variety of quest
?as a general guideline, tasks are smaller than quests. You could compare the range of what tasks could be to what you think a boy-scout does as tasks. Helping the old lady across the street, fetching groceries for that friendly old man, etc. etc.?

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Advanced Dungeons and Dragon?s Monster Manual provides an excellent range of creatures for the inspiration and reference of those builders who plan to include classical mythological beasts in their worlds.

AR based Medical imaging technologies really began to take off in the early 2000s. There are a growing range of holographic, projective, interactive gesture recognition tools available, which can really make training and diagnosis so much easier.

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An overview of the Robocop films and TV series' together with how they have much to say on the very real areas of augmented reality, embodiment and robotics. This article also serves as an index for our growing range of articles examining individual aspects of the series' and the issues they directly showcase.


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At SIGGRAPH 2004, same as in other years, VR firms see it as a chance to reveal -hopefully- revolutionary new interfaces. This year has been no exception. This high-dynamic-range (HDR) display uses active light-emitting diodes behind a high...

Mitsubishi's 65-inch LaserVue taps laser technology to produce an astonishingly vivid picture. The rear-projection set's colour range is twice as broad as a typical HDTV's, yet it consumes 33 percent less energy than a similar-size LCD. ...

The University of Michigan team has developed a cochlear implant from thin-film electrodes that can stimulate the auditory nerve directly. This design allows a much simpler insertion method for surgeons and will definitely prove to be a boo...

Mobile phones don?t just go ?diddle-um-dum, diddle-um-dum, diddle-um dum-dum? any more. The latest models, with polyphonic ringtones can play a wide range of sound effects. In fact, the range is so wide, that, with the stubborn, never-give-...

Nokia has successfully campaigned for and won standards inclusion for it?s Bluetooth-like solution for short-range wireless cable replacement in low-powered devices. The new Wibree standard offers one-tenth the power consumption of Bluetoot...