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Ambient Occlusion

Ambient occlusion sounds like a lighting shader method that deals with occluded objects, and that is precisely what it is. It is a method of shading that works with raycast and raytraced lighting models, but which factors in the attenuation of any lightsource that is partially occluded by objects in the way.

It deals with effects such as light filtering through a crack in the wall, or sunlight passing through leaves, and attempts to recreate the dynamic changes in strength of a given light source. Perhaps predictably, it is significantly more computationally expensive than raytracing.

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An in-depth Gamedev article, containing step by step coding advice for implementing parallax occlusion mapping to textures, such that the simulated heights can even self-occlude.

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A novel and very practical use for an iPhone as an auxiliary hearing aid has been developed. The soundAMP program takes control of the iPhone, and essentially uses the in-built microphone to boost ambient noise levels.

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3D Printed Thermoelectric generators
Thermoelectric generators convert ambient heat into electrical power, providing a means to run sensor systems without relying on batteries, anywhere where there is a heat differential present. Unfortunately, until now it has never been possible to 3D print them, meaning their inclusion increased the cost of sensor systems, dictated design aspects, and prevented them from being manufactured in a single print run. None of these factors are entirely applicable any longer.


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