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A means of processing sound, taking into account how the human form, particularly head shape, and ear shadows, distort soundwaves coming from different directions.

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Location Matters in the Cochlea The Ear Hears Differently Than Expected
Whether you are using a cochlear implant to replace the lost sensation of sound, or recreating binaural sound within a virtual environment, a precise understanding of how the ear works is always helpful.

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Hearing with more than Just Ears
Industry News

It might well be that current experiments with binaural sound for VR 3D recreation of sounds based on the relative positions of the ears, and the head shape of the listener, are not quite getting the full picture of sound reception. It seems facial skin also has a part to play.


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Intelligence Gaming has designed a unique, immersive cultural simulation (ICS) project used to train US troops deployed overseas.

The ICS is based on RealityV and is powered by a customised Adobe Flash Player 10 capable of ru...