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Bio Punk

Bio Punk, sometimes contracted to Biopunk, is a mixture of bio as in biological, and punk as in anti-establishment. It is an extension of cyberpunk in many ways, being a group of philosophies dedicated to altering or extending the capabilities of biological forms in new ways.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, biopunk philosophies as a group are transhumanist in nature.

Biopunk differs from cyberpunk in another way; whilst the technological capabilities were not in existence to elevate cyberpunk out of the realm of pure science fiction during that moniker’s heyday, biopunk activists do exist outside of fiction due to the rise of body area networks, smart prosthetics, and the ability to biohack – to isolate and modify variables inside one's own biological body.

The most ardent of biohackers, known as grinders, are essentially transhumanists who have chosen to take control of their own internal processes to the fullest extent possible (heart rate, breathing, brainwaves, blood chemical levels et al) via invasive implants and monitoring systems. They are hacking their own biology in essence.

Biopunk efforts are compatible with virtual reality and augmented reality efforts in the design of interfaces with the senses and means to artificially maintain body systems whilst in homoeostasis. The advances in using invasive and non-invasive interfaces to bond ever more deeply with the body and with the senses, directly translate into better interfaces for VR and AR as well.

See Also: Grinder, Biohacking, Transhumanist, Transhumanism, Smart Prosthetic, Biometrics, Cyberpunk, Lifelogger

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What is Cyberpunk?
Cyberpunk as a term, originates from the novel "Cyberpunk", authored by Bruce Bethke in 1980. It comes from a fusion of the terms 'cybernetic' and 'punk'. In other words, 'Cybernetic Punk', shortened to cyberpunk. Since it's inception, it has taken on a like of it's own,. And has become the single most often used source of inspiration for virtual reality developers ever since.


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