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Biohacking is an umbrella term for attempts for a given individual to maximise their health, productivity, or happiness through taking control of their own body and 'hacking it' to squeeze everything out of it they can.

In contrast to historic attempts to do similar by eating well, exercising and hoping for the best, biohacking takes an entirely different approach. The individual uses biometric feedback channels from hardware they wear, or even implant into their body. These feedback channels track heart rate, sugar levels, blood oxygen levels, or a myriad of other possible biomarkers in real time. The data is then stored somewhere so the biohacker can analyse the performance of their body over time, and accurately understand how different actions directly affect their internal chemical and mechanical processes.

In short, biohacking takes a system analysis approach to the user's own body, treating it as a known system and tracking as many variables as possible along with a full understanding of how those variables are processed in order to achieve the desired outcome. Treating the body exactly the same way as any other data processing system.

The more extreme subset of a biohacker is known as a grinder. These people take biohacking and basically dial it up to eleven, frequently using biometric implants permanently added to their bodies in order to track variables, and are not afraid to actively change how the body processes some of the variables if they don't like how the body naturally does it. For example, adding an implanted insulin pump and distribution system for efficiency rather than strict medical needs, or implanting a brain computer interface to boost memory capacity or offer new search engines.

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