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A biomaterial is really, any material, providing it is able to interact with a biological system, and adapt internally to biological processes. Every natural organic material is a biomaterial, as well as a swiftly increasing range of smart materials for prosthetics, and biomimetic work to replicate functions of the body in chip form or create structures that replicate the functions of living organisms.

See Also: Biomaterial Evolution, Biomimetics, Bionic, Biomimetic Microsystem, Adaptive Architecture, Smart Material

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Scientists in Granada, Spain, have patented a new biomaterial that facilitates generating bone tissue—artificial bones in other words—from umbilical cord stem cells . The material, consisting of an activated carbon cloth support for cells t...

An injectable biomaterial gel may help brain tissue grow at the site of a traumatic brain injury, according to findings by a Clemson University bioengineer.

Research by assistant professor of bioengineering Ning Zhang shows t...

Many research groups are trying to develop materials with similar properties to muscles. One of the big difficulties is creating anything with just the right muscle-like elasticity--its ability to change shape while withstanding a large str...

Human devices, from light bulbs to iPods, send information using electrons. Human bodies and all other living things, on the other hand, send signals and perform work using ions or protons.

Materials scientists at the Univers...

Researchers at the Universit? de Montr?al with help from McGill University, the Institut National de la Recherche Scientifique (INRS-EMT), Plasmionique Inc and the Universidade de S?o Paulo, have managed to chemically modify titanium to cre...