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Body Hacker

A body hacker (also dubbed a self-quantifier, or bio-hacker) is a person who utilises augmented reality technologies and life monitoring and telehealth devices to continually monitor the state of their own body, optimising the performance of their internal body processes to meet the demands of their lifestyle.

Such individuals are prone to wearing, or even integrating electronic devices and prosthetics towards this end. Relying on the continual data-feed to fine-tune their body's systems. As technology advances, these are the people most likely to be early adopters of cyborg parts, as these would allow them to truly take control of how their body functions, rather than simply optimising for performance.

See Also: Telehealth, Self-Quantifier, Bio-Hacker

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Confirmation: Any Tool is viewed as a Temporary Body Part
With the number of rubber body(part) studies that have been done, each showing that if it looks to be a body part, and feels like a body part, the brain accepts it as a body part, this research should also hold no surprises. We finally have direct proof of the concept that, when we utilize any tool, even for a scant few minutes, our brains integrate that tool into our self-body-image.

Rubber hand, rubber body, rubber arm, rubber leg. Time and time again, studies have shown that even if a body part is completely fake, completely artificial, if enough of our senses tell us that it is us, then we believe it, consciously and subconsciously. This can easily be exploited by VR, such that what you perceive to be your body, IS your body, even when its really your avatar.

The book is based round the concept of the network is not the great equaliser, an egalitarian construct that has, since the Internet became a powerful social force, begun to spread out into all works of life, with network-centric organisation. Instead, the authors state that the exploit ? a direct reference to the hacker term ? is a common corporate and subversive means of taking quiet control of the flow and direction of networks.

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Body 2.0 - Continuous Monitoring Of The Human Body
A detailed and in-depth article by the singularity hub, on the quest for integrating the human body with a sensory network, and what such will mean for us as individuals, health and life-wise.

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Virtual Body: Fundamental Concepts: 1
In order to link a mind to a virtual body, which will be controlled by the same subconscious and conscious impulses as a physical body should be, the link connecting the mind to the physical body, save for autonomous finctions, is likely to require severing or blocking for the duration of the virtual immersion.

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Interrupting the Brainstem
The brainstem is the part of the brain that descends just in front of the cerebellum. It drops down from the brain to meet and meld with the spinal cord rising from the body. The issue is, how do we go about hijacking the brainstem, to splice a virtual body, or artificial body parts onto it?

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Book Quotes: Net Coma
When a person becomes truly totally immersed in any VR environment, their physical body almost ceases to be a part of them. The more senses are subsumed by the synthetic reality, the less connection the brain feels to the original body.

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Changing Self Perspective with VR
A key set of experiments building on the rubber hand illusion, have opened the floodgates for full sensory immersion - proving that the brain will identify with the body it perceives itself to be in, not necessarily the body it is housed in.

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Does Function Have to Follow Form in Prosthetics?
Why do prosthetic body parts have to limit themselves to copying the original organic components? When a large part of a person's body is synthetic, shouldn't they be free to express it, however they choose?

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Biodegradable Integrated circuits - Transient Electronics
A fully biodegradable type of integrated circuit has been developed. Intended for implantation into the body, it is a class of circuitry which, if its protective shell is ruptured; dissolves quickly and completely in the body's fluids.


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