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Brainwave Baseline

Whilst the more base commands in the human brain ? the hard wired sections ? tend to transmit the same signal pattern, by the time they have been bounced and echoed around by the unique fingerprint-like folds of the individual brain and passed through the cranium, individual brainwave patterns look completely different even when the originating signals were exactly the same. Thus, for non-invasive neuroprosthetics, a brainwave baseline is needed, consisting of a set routine, and software algorithms to configure hardware brain wave readers to that individual. In other words, recognising the mind print and compensating for it, to restore the original signal.

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Industry News

Industry news, originally posted 10-02-2005. Researchers from the New York State Department Of Health and MIT show it is possible to use brainwaves picked up by electrodes attached to the outside of the scalp to move a cursor around a computer screen.


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Researchers from the New York State Department Of Health and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have shown that it is possible to use brainwaves picked up by electrodes attached to t...

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