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Bring Your Own Group

Bring Your Own Group or BYOG is a common slang term used in MMO gameworlds to describe an area of the world so far away from the main paths that the chances of meeting other friendly people there to fight alongside is remote. Hence, if you plan on combat there, you must bring your allies with you.

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Bring Your Own Group



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Two-way Link Between Sound and Fear Perception
It has long been known that sound can affect our emotions. A good tune or a sound reminding us of a terrifying event, bring associated memories to mind, that bring emotional states with them. What was not realised until recently however, was that the emotional state you are in when you hear the sound, changes the sound you hear in the first place. This makes sound a surprisingly potent tool for immersion feedback.

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Using Groupings for Networked Gaming
An interesting article, discussing how to group data together, so that all players only get the information essential to them.

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Mutinies and You
No world progresses far without political issues forming. How then, do you defend your creation when angry players bring their wrath down upon you?

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A 'hands-on' approach to computers
A physorg article, looking at one man's quest to bring augmented reality interfaces for computation into existence - blending the computer interface with the physical world.

A group of scientists at The Scripps Research Institute has developed a new way of looking at and interacting with the tiniest of molecules ? holding them in your hands and manipulating them.

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Working in a Group
?The single most important idea when working on a joint project can be summed up in one word: "Responsibility". You need to know who is responsible for what. These can be broad, but the more specific you can get, the better it gets.?

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VR Environments in the Workplace: The Cubicle worker
A dreamscapes narrative, about the near future of business for cubicle workers, using a story to bring across the human point of view rather than that of the technology.

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Creating Intelligent, Emotive NPCs
A group of researchers from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute have created an AI which possesses the capacity to have beliefs and to reason about the beliefs of others.

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Legal Issues for Rookie Development Studios Part III
The final piece in a series of three, this article takes a long, hard look at protecting the company/group's copyright, via the age-old horror - the employee contract.

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Clich? Patterns
We strive to avoid clich? elements in our worlds, but what about those aspects that aren't clich? themselves, but, when taken as a group, are? Read this one.


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So-called 3D films have always been few and far between at the cinema. Some have tanked, others have done well, but regardless of success, are rarely followed up with more. This is largely due to the extremely lengthy process usually used t...

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A group of American Graduate students are working hard to bring the price of a new computer down to just 12 us dollars, or ?7.

The motivation for this is to aid the third world; getting more people hooked into the Internet, i...

According to the Broadband Stakeholder Group, or BSG, the tough decisions on how to encourage telecoms firms to build faster networks must be made within two years, as that is the length of time before the UK saturates current capacity.