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A specialised admin position. Builders devote their time to creating new structures, objects, creatures, and whole, sweeping areas of the world.

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Complete Website: The Art of Building
The ultimate site for MUD/MOO/MUSH builders! contains virtually everything a builder would need to get started, and quite a bit more besides.

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Monsters, Part 2
How to use simple proactive, and reactive scripting to create the idea that AI exists in your NPCs, without any AI programming. Just builder scripts and ingenuity.

World Review: Planet Virtu
World Review: Planet Virtu welcome screen
A small community hamlet, nestled away from the more frequently trodden paths, this builder's worldlet clings to the dream of low-polygon freedom.
Rating 46.5
Special Client Required

Locally Hosted resource
Location Location
A short resource that discusses the origins of settlements and other features that a builder should consider when creating a new urban area.

Complete Website: Curious Areas Workshop
C.A.W. were a DIKU builder's free area distributor in the early 1990's. Whilst their service is now discontinued, their site is still actively monitored, and they contain a healthy selection of areas - just give them due credit.


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