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Client Prediction

Client prediction is a networked environment concept where if the client program loses contact with a world server for a few hundred milliseconds, the client program predicts the actions of other participants and interactive, dynamic entities extrapolated from previous behaviour. When the next update from the server arrives, actual entity behaviours and actions are substituted over the predicted ones.

If too long a time passes without word from the server, the client usually automatically ?disconnects? and informs the user it is no-longer listening for the server; connection has been lost.

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Client Prediction

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Using Thin Clients for Medical Data
A thin client is any computer system basically, that uses an application for whom all processing occurs on a central server, with just the results shipped back to the client for display. This paradigm is ideal for medical data, so why is it only now being considered?

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Being-There, Later...
Given the ability to mathematically replicate natural physical laws, and the ability to handle all variables in a given situation, the logical future of all research-simulation is the prediction of future events.

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This trilogy pack is the starter kit for Everquest. Containing the latest patched version of the basic client, together with the first two expansion packs; "Ruins of Kunark", and "Scars of Velious".

World Review: Playdo
World Review: Playdo welcome screen
Playdo is a purely social world system. Created in the image of a small city, the entire apparatus runs under shockwave applications ? so it will run in almost any browser. There is no client to download, and everything is broken up into sections.
Rating 22.5

City of Villains is the long-awated sequel to City of Heroes. This card entitles you to a copy of the client, together with a 2-month (60 day) prepaid subscription.

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Connecting to Telnet Worlds: Using Microsoft Telnet
Telnet -text based virtual worlds, or MUDs, MOOs and MUSHes as they are collectively known, require a TCP capable text client to interface with. Many different clients at a range of different prices with different addon features are available. However, each takes time to aquire, even if that is just the time to search in google and download.

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Virtual World Exchange Language
The virtual worlds of today are essentially hierarchical systems. A small number of servers which hold the data for the worlds, and an innumerable number of client connections, largely untrusted. This resource, half article/half rant, looks at the virtual worlds of tomorrow; at distributed systems, and world browsers.


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Global warming may ramp up average temperatures by 20 degrees Fahrenheit in less than 50 years, according to the first climate prediction experiment relying on the distributed computer power of 90,000 personal computers. The startling resul...

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