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Computational Fluid Dynamics

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is a tool used to determine fluid velocity, temperature, and many other complex variables for problems involving complex interactions. Essentially, it provides all the information you would get from a physical construct, with none of the time or overhead.

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Computational Fluid Dynamics


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Simulating the Connection Between Fluid Droplets and a Solid Surface
German researchers develop a simulation that approaches fluid dynamics from a new angle. Considering the makeup of the solid structures the droplets hit, as every bit as important as the physics of the droplet itself.

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Modelling the Songbird's Vocalization Apparatus
Researchers at the University of Southern Denmark are tackling the virtual voice problem from the other end. They are attempting to understand how the zebra finch makes the noises it does, and accomplishes its range of sounds, by capturing the existing organs in its throat, modelling them in 3D, converting to a virtual environment and attempting to animate the model to produce the same sounds via fluid dynamics.

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Changing the Streets through Virtual Reality
Industry News

Before this month, the most helpful data computational models of traffic flow could produce, consisted of a two dimensional view of the roads with little green and red dots indicating vehicles in motion under different conditions. Very computational, and very accurate, but this sort of output is not very easy for the layperson to understand.

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Biped Robots > Petman
The Petman robot, created by Boston Dynamics, is a possible successor to BigDog. Built using the same engineering principles, it is essentially a two-legged version of the go-anywhere workhorse.

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VR for Research: Not the Medium, but Delivering the Message
We have heard before about VR based schools, VR based colleges and informal institutions. Now, the first formal scientific organization, the Meta Institute for Computational Astrophysics or MICA, has formed, entirely within the bounds of virtual environments.

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Safety Simulations benefit from Manufacturing Simulations
Even the most vigorous, modern crash test simulation, with all known variables accounted for, can be wrong. Sometimes these differences are unavoidable with the computational power limitations of the simulation computers, sometimes its another, unforeseen cause.

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Identity Theft and Mudding
In an environment where identity is fluid, what are the pitfalls of assuming the identity of another? This article helps with several case studies, and the degree of real legal trouble the person can get into.

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Hemisphere Lighting With Radiosity Maps
Rendering of lighting in outdoor scenes is a paramount concern. To truly be realistic, the light levels constantly vary, and the sun (or suns) are not usually even the primary lightsource! All that adds up to is a computational disaster, unless some way is found to render lightsoure data quickly, and easilly....


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Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is often called the signature injury of the war in Iraq. Medical experts have yet to determine exactly what causes the condition, but the violent waves of air pressure emitted by an improvised explosive device (...

The academic community of the USA will soon have access to one of the most advanced supercomputers on the planet. A Red Storm system from Cray, Inc., capable of approximately 10 teraflops (10 trillion calculations per second) will be instal...

Scientists have devised a way of checking brain fluid levels, without the need for painful lumbar punches.

A lumbar puncture is where a sample of cerebrospinal fluid from the spinal cord, or brain itself is removed using a sy...

The Huntsville Simulation Conference (HSC) is an annual conference located in Huntsville, Alabama with international participation.

25 October 2005 - The Advanced Research Center
26-27 October 2005 - The Huntsville Ma...

A team from Indiana University was announced as the winner of SC07's Bandwidth Challenge. The goal of the challenge this year was to demonstrate full utilisation of a 10 Gig path from the conference's location in Reno, Nevada, to the team...