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Computer-Supported Co-operative Play

The founding principle behind worlds such as Habitat, computer-supported co-operative play or CSCP was a founding principle of the first multi-user worlds, building upon a taboo, the concept of play.

Computer-supported Co-operative Play offered for the first time, playful communication, mediated by virtual worlds and it is from this concept, modern virtual worlds were born.

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Computer-Supported Co-operative Play


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Experiments in Low Pressure
Playing a character can sometimes conflict with play styles, and so this article on roleplaying round your play style comes in - don't take on anything you cannot play, and do make plans in-world if you pln to be away for a while.

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Role-Play vs. Multi-play
An argument that playing multiple characters or alts on a roleplaying world, decreases the ability to roleplay in any depth. Well reasoned.

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WI-MAX Promises to Transform America?s Internet
Several of the larger technology companies, including Google, are joining together for the Clearwire project; an effort to develop a nation-wide Wi-MAX network intended to render cable or phone line Internet obsolete and set the stage for free Google net access supported by advertising alone.

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Play the character, not the game
This story-based paper examines the different challenges, experiences, and memories available in role-play, and other types of 'game', in order to showcase the advantage of the one over the other. This one makes its point well.

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Roleplaying (II) - on maturity
Not a role-play article par-se, this article is included here because it looks at the conflict between some extremes of role-play, and the RL morality issues when kids are involved. Note: the solutions raised are not proposals, merely comments.

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Literary Role Play
?Muds are designed to move role playing onto computer networks. Yet they do not merely translocate, but transform role playing: the different environment, in which the players are also authors, and the text medium, which requires expressive language, can lead to a different type of role playing.?

As pop culture, games are as important as film or television--but game design has yet to develop a theoretical framework or critical vocabulary. In Rules of Play Katie Salen and Eric Zimmerman present a much-needed primer for this emerging field.

In the natural world, the animal kingdom, and even in humans, almost all learning in the early years, and throughout life, occurs through play, it sticks if you have fun whilst doing it. In modern life, computer mediated environments and games are ubiquitous: In the shops, on the Web, streamed to the desktop, on TV, on the mobile phone and PDA, on the blackberry. However, there is one technological place they are absent: The modern school classroom.

A basic problem in computer vision is to understand the structure of a physical sceene from just one or two camera?s perspective. This book attempts to provide a basic background in everything you need to know to be able to create a computer vision system, and train it to deal with the physical world.

An applied introduction to modern computer vision, focusing on a set of computational techniques for 3-D imaging. Covers a wide range of fundamental problems encountered within computer vision and provides detailed algorithmic and theoretical solutions for each. Each chapter concentrates on a specific problem and solves it by building on previous results.


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With electrodes implanted directly in their brains, two Madison patients were able to control a computer cursor and play a video game just by thinking.

Hardly news, you would think. There has been a lot of this over the last ...

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