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Context Aware Computing

Context Aware Computing is a form of AI driven computing, in which the computing device the user is interfacing with has a low-level intelligence on it, usually running just under the software layer the user is interfacing with. It is aware to some degree of what the user is attempting to do, and so provides options, or in some cases automatically performs support services based on its assessment of the task the user is carrying out. The goal being to make life easier for the user, or make a more automated task more efficient.

Context aware computing is typically driven by expert systems, a form of weak AI, primarily because a strong AI capable of anticipating the needs of the user on the same level as them does not really exist at this time. So they use monitoring of user behaviour patterns and association of tasks to predict what the user is doing, with an accuracy that increases as they know that particular user better.

Context-aware computing works just as well when the user is another computing device, as when it is a sentient being, and with multiple computing devices reacting to one another in an intelligent way, the overall efficiency of the system is vastly increased.

See Also: Artificial Intelligence, Weak AI, Strong AI, Internet of Things, Pervasive Computing, Ubiquitous Computing, Sensor Net

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