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Cyberspace Playhouse

A cyberspace playhouse is basically a MMO or other gameworld. It is a social hub in cyberspace where most go, purely for fun and play.

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Cyberspace Playhouse


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This book is an attempt to cross-reference the techniques of mapping and charting the physical world, with attempts to chart cyberspace. All of cyberspace, from individual virtual environments, through to the world wide web, as a single cohesive whole, a second world of many worlds, for others to explore, possessing the maps to do so.

This book attempts to gather together a range of viewpoints of differing fields to create a holistic picture of whether or not a community that exists in cyberspace can truly be called a legitimate community.

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Book Quotes: Identity Without Fixed Form
The thing about identity in cyberspace is you have the chance to wash away any and all physical identifiers, and become anything your mind can imagine.

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An Atlas of Cyberspace: Multi-User Dimensions (MUDs) & Virtual Worlds
This page is basically a collection of links with examples, of the various methods used by different worlds to map themselves.

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A Rape in Cyberspace
This lengthy, but engrossing article looks at the actual effects of virtual 'rape' within a virtual world, and the aftershocks it produced. So much for it being 'harmless'. A must-read.

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Education pushes further into virtuality - Virtual Medical School Planned
A short news snippet from August, 2003, concerning a planned medical school in cyberspace.

The Cybercultures Reader brings together articles covering the whole spectrum of cyberspace and related new technologies to explore the ways in which these technologies are reshaping cultural forms and practices at the turn of the century.

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Information Theoretic Death
In the purely physical world, death is a straightforward thing: You are either alive, or you are not. When you add in the purely virtual, heavily interconnected worlds of cyberspace, that model changes drastically. When do you deem someone to be irredeemably dead, if part of their mind is active and self-modifying online?

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US Seeks Virtual Environment Based Car Bombers
The predictably over-paranoid US government has begun to take its spy networks into cyberspace, targeting virtual environments for terrorist-like activity. Project codename Reynard aims to recognise "normal" behaviour in online worlds and home in on "anomalous" activity.


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Britain is hiring former computer hackers to join a new security unit aimed at protecting cyberspace from foreign spies, thieves and terrorists, the country's terrorism minister said.

Alan West said the technology-savvy staf...

Internet users face regular ?brownouts? that will freeze their computers as capacity runs out in cyberspace, according to research to be published later this year.

Experts predict that consumer demand, already growing at 60 p...

On the 14th of October 2006, an interesting event occurred. A spiritual debate of cyberspace.

What does it mean to be a spiritual person in the digital era?

This was the central question of debate for 30 theolo...

The United States has begun talks with Russia and a UN arms control committee about strengthening Internet security and limiting military use of cyberspace, The New York Times reported.

Citing officials familiar with the talk...

A study out of Harvard University last week found that young people were unlikely to be propositioned by adults online. In fact, it said the risks on the Internet weren't much different than those in real life.

But before yo...