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Damage over Time

DoT or Damage over Time is a term used in MUDs and other VR gameworlds to refer to an attack, effect or spell which damages a player's character, and then keeps adding more damage over a continuing period of time.

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Damage over Time



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Time to heal: The materials that repair themselves
A BBC article exploring the rise of self-healing materials as a subset of augmented reality. Machines with vascular systems just below the surface; shipping new material to heal any cracks or breaks caused by accidental or malicious damage.

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Shopping Sensors to Determine Produce Quality
A prototype spectrometer, smaller than a sugar cube, cheap as mud, and designed to fit inside the next generation of mobile phones, brings the possibility of scanning fruit, veg, meat, fish, and many other items in real-time, to determine how fresh and healthy they are, before you purchase them - without damage from the scan.

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I 0Wn Y0u, d0Od! Part Deux
A detailed, in-depth look at why selling content from within MMOs, to others can damage the business on the company in question, by looking at the effect it has on the costs of the MMO.

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Captive Audience
A look at retaining playerbase. Eventually it will desert you, be it gameworld, commerce world, social environment. Sooner or later you will start to look dated and they will leave. This article therefore, is all about 'damage limitation' rather than 'cure'.

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The VRT Concept
One of the problems with global, persistent, shared virtual environments, is time. More specifically, time zones. To demonstrate this problem, go to any non-roleplay virtual environment or even a simple chatroom with a fair number of participants, and ask people what the time is:

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This short article, written in response to a forum post at another site, whose origin is, sadly, unknown, expresses the need of Role-Playing gamers to present a united front by embrasing differences between gamers, rather than suppressing, or ignoring them. As the author points out, these actions damage the RP gaming community as a whole.

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Large Image Display: Prosthetic Jaw Hinging
One of the most important aspects when working with any skeletal system, is the joint where bones connect. If you don't get this area right, then bone will grind against prosthesis, and the bone is likely to take critical damage first. You inflame a joint, that did not have a problem in the first place, and spread further complications throughout the body.

At the time of publication, it was the best book on the subject of networking real-time, multiple user, persistent environments. Although it is still on the market today, the problem is, it is almost hopelessly dated, still insisting on a hierarchical architecture, which was perfect at the time, but just cannot cope with large worlds today.


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Switching off a key DNA repair system in the developing nervous system is linked to smaller brain size as well as problems in brain structures vital to movement, memory and emotion, according to new research led by St. Jude Children's Rese...

Researchers have developed a technology that detects damage to critical suspension components in military vehicles simply by driving over a speed bumplike "diagnostic cleat" containing sensors.

"Our aim is to save time and...

When a motor nerve is severely damaged, people rarely recover full muscle strength and function. Neuroscientists from Children's Hospital Boston, combining patient data with observations in a mouse model, now show why. It's not that motor...

New imaging methods may help distinguish brain damage from psychiatric disorders.

Researchers have shown that three novel imaging techniques can detect mild brain damage not visible using traditional methods. The findings wil...

The problem with detailed scans on ancient text and artwork, is there is a degree of damage inherent in the process. Unnecessary scans, can degrade the quality of these relics of our past.

Now, a portable, handheld scanner, d...