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Direct Manipulation

The manipulation of computer icons, folders, and textual information, as if they were physical objects.

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The Lawnmower Man was a cult classic film that itself was responsible for a great deal of renewed VR research back in the 90s. Debuting in 1992, and starring Pierce Brosnan as a scientist, attempting to utilise brain adaptation technology for use in military technology. Direct brain manipulation made chimps smarter, able to use military equipment on suicide missions.

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Human Interaction with Personally Invasive Non-Lifelike Robots
In all the work we have done towards integrating robots into the health system and care systems respectively, one fundamental question has never really been asked. "How will humans in general react to their physical manipulation or space invasion by clearly intelligent, yet alien machinery?" Long overdue, its time to not anly ask that, but answer it as well.

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Ishikawa Komuro Lab's high-speed robot hand
In May 2009, the Ishikawa Komuro Lab in Japan, demonstrated the capabilities that robotic manipulation of objects had reached. They had created a three-finger robot arm, with tactile sensors on its fingers, with each finger capable of independent 180 x 180 x 360 motion. All three were connected to a high-speed machine vision camera.

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Approval sought for Brain Implant
Industry News

BrainGate. By now, its become almost a household name in neuralscience. This short news snippet from November 2003 is part of a series, chronicling the development of this direct interface system.

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Leaving the Best Memories of Your World
A study commissioned by researchers at Ohio State University, intended to look at consumer feelings on holidays and vacations, has an unexpected direct bearing on virtual world administration.

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CBS 60 Minutes: Harnessing the Power of the Brain
CBS News have produced a 12 minute segment of their '60 minutes' documentary, which takes a look in depth at the development of BrainGate and other direct-implantation Brain-Computer Interfaces, or BMI.

A chronicle of some of the major advances in direct brain connection to computer systems which were developed, or significantly refined during 2006.

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Flexing, clear computer components
In an augmented world, you may well have one or more of three distinct types of computer interface on, or even in your body. There are augmenting reality devices, prosthetic components, and direct-wired virtual reality interfaces. All three share aspects in common. Among them, that they all require considerable computing power as close to the implant as possible.

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VR Interfaces: Leapfrog Tag
Leapfrog's Tag reader is a direct derivative of several fairly recent augmented reality technologies. It is a reading aid for 4-8 year olds, designed not to teach reading, but to help hone reading ability. It is designed really, for those occasions when parents are too busy to spend time helping their children master concepts.

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Home Stroke Rehabilitation ? 2014?
Industry News

Its early 2009, and the University of Southampton, in the UK, is developing electrical stimulation technology, designed to help stroke patients relearn movement, by duplicating the natural, original nerve impulses. The technology is a direct offshoot of work to decode the electrical signals of the peripheral nervous system.


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One year ago, JNR Resources Inc. ?briefly? started using the Saskatchewan Research Council's 3-D Virtual Reality Centre. They never stopped.

The centre takes empirical data from all sources, and uses it to construct full-siz...

A new controller, designed for the PS2 console by development company In2Games enables a full range of hand interactions, from fighting styles, to delicate item manipulation....

At the NAB Show in Las Vegas, the nanotechnology research center imec presents imec Virtual Camera (iVC), a revolutionary new video technology for dynamic viewing and advanced image manipulation.

Imec Virtual Camera turns the...

Starting in mid-2010, new versions of gadgets like cameras, cell phones and computers will be able to talk to each other using Wi-Fi without needing to connect to a wireless network first.

The Wi-Fi Alliance, an industry grou...

Computer mice have long been the staple of computer intercaces, they're simple, easy to use, and the key to the WIMP interface of Windows and the Mac.

Now, there's a new input device which may rival the mouse for dominance...