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Dummy Head

A dummy head is used in the construction of binaural recordings. It is a physical mockup of a head that is both anthropomorhpic and anthropometric, and possesses sound sensors within the ear canal cavities in order to recreate how humans actually hear a played sound.

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Dummy Head


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Creating a Budget Head-tracker with the Wii-Mote
A demonstration of both the use of a Wii-mote as a cheap head tracker, and a demonstration of head tracking, rarely recorded

The Head Mounted Display, or HMD was one of the first true VR interfaces. It has gone through many changes over the years, and introduced new medical conditions. HMDs remain popular even today, but what are these strange boxy devices? How do they work?

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Intelligent, Sensitive Surgical Drill
Boring small holes in the head is a common occurrence for surgeons working on delicate surgical procedures for the senses. Dentists drilling teeth, surgeons drilling into the nose, ear, or drilling holes into the head. Delicate, tiny movements where one slip could slam the drill into soft tissue, rending arteries rearing ligaments, driving shards of bone into the brain.

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VR Book Quotes
A new, large section added to VWN. A repository of quotations concerning VR taken from literature, both fictual and factual, then compared to the state of things today, and the direction to head.

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Tech48: Virtual Fetish Provision
An innovative erotic game in which a webcam plus tracking software is used to emulate head tracking...for looking up skirts.

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VR Interfaces: Sega VR
A look at the Sega VR, a head mounted display and fully immersive interface of the early 1990s, that somehow never quite managed to make it off the ground.

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VR Cultural Icons: Max Headroom
Max Headroom, star poster-child of VR in the mid 1980s. A supposed AI talking head who hosted music videos and a movie.


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It is well known that people use head motion during conversation to convey a range of meanings and emotions, and that women use more active head motion when conversing with each other than men use when they talk with each other.

In one of the strangest attempts at augmented reality, researchers at the University of Tokyo in Japan have invented a head mounted haptic sensor.

It uses a series of infra-red sensors positioned around the device at interval...

In one respect, handling a computer mouse is just like looking in the rearview mirror: well established movements help the brain to concentrate on the essentials. But just a simple gaze shift to a new target bears the possibility of an almo...

Most helmets and glasses-based systems are designed to fit European heads, making them uncomfortable for many Chinese.

The solution? A database of 3D scans of most common head sizes and shapes across races is being leveraged...

The Dream-Racer is a simple cap that fits over the head, worn as normal. Inside it, are has four motion sensors that detect small movements of the head. It essentially turns the head into a joystick.

The technology was origin...