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EEG biofeedback

EEG biofeedback is a type of limited Neurofeedback that takes place non-invasively. As the name implies, it utilises EEG (Electroencephalography) or MOST-EEG exclusively, via electrodes placed on the outside of the scalp, to monitor brainwave activity.

The type and intensity of brainwave picked up is then fed into an activity device of some sort, which creates an action based on the brainwave input received. The goal is usually to have the device perform a specific action that will only occur when the person's brainwaves reach a specified type and modulation.

Existing examples of such devices include the relaxation game Mindball, and the attention-trainer MindFlex, or the VR interface EPOC which uses EEG biofeedback along with other methods to allow a person's rough thoughts to control their avatar inside of a VR.

See Also: EEG, MOST-EEG, Neurofeedback, ERP

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EEG biofeedback


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Book Quotes: Electric Sleep & Biofeedback
A book quote from Arthur C Clarke's Profiles of the Future on an 'electric sleep apparatus' piqued our interest, and we can verify the devices do exist, along with some our our thoughts on application of the technology in VR.

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Large Image Display: Animatrix: Matriculated: Plugging In
This shows what is essentially a full sensory immersion LAN. An eight person, totally self contained full-immersion VR machine. As shown, the interface method is direct neural biofeedback; the staple for the Matrix universe. Each of the person's brains are connected to the system via their brainstem, allowing full two way bodily sensory stimulus. However, there is no connection to the greater internet.


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Emotiv has stated that its mind-control headsets will be on shelves later this year, along with a host of novel "biofeedback" games developed by its partners.

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A University of Virginia graduate student has developed a biofeedback-based system that helps smartphones select music that will help get their owners’ heart pumping during exercise, or slow it down when they want to cool down or relax.

For children, nighttime bedwetting is a common problem, often requiring intervention. The use of medicine and other treatments has met with limited success. Targeting neuronal activities of the brain through neurofeedback, however, has show...

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