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Eccentric projection

Eccentric projection literally means a projection off-centre from where it normally is. It is reserved almost exclusively in reference to sensation, and as such is the usual erm used to describe the occurrence when the location a sensation is at, is different to the point where the sense organ is located.

In other words, it is used in embodiment, and VR to describe the happen stance when all your senses are telling you you are standing somewhere else to where you physically are, or you are receiving sensory data through a form that no-longer exists.

A simple example is a haptic prosthetic arm. The original arm is long-gone and only the plastic and metal remains. Yet, feeling is able to be transcribed through the arm sensors, across the embedded chipsets and into the nerves of your arm stump. To your brain, it can feel your fingers closing around the apple, even though your original fingers aren't there any more. This is eccentric projection.

Likewise, if you use a VR interface which has your sim body holding a ball, but sending the visual sensory data back to your eyes, pressure, warmth, and texture back to your hand, even though the server doing so is 1,000 km away, this is also eccentric projection. In this case the signal leaps the intervening thousand kilometres just as it would leap up your nerves naturally.

You have no realisation of all the distance the signal travels, only of the feelings and localisation the data provides. Your mind feels it is in that room in the simulation, your eyes staring down at the apple in your hand, convinced you are actually there.

This too is eccentric projection; everything depends on the data, not where your mind actually is. All the mind does is process the data it is fed.

In summary then, hen you run a tap, and feel the water on your hands, you do this despite the sense not being processed until it reaches your motor cortex - you feel water on your hands, not on your cortex.

See Also: Sensory Reference, Embodiment, Sensory Immersion

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