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Egocentric Viewpoint

An egocentric viewpoint is when the virtual reality interface melds with the user's sense of self - they are placed within the environment itself, and it feeds directly into their senses.

In the simplest technology, this means head mounted displays, headphones, and scent domes. Ultimately all VR will be egocentric, with technologies such as brain-machine interface, or BMI.

An egocentric viewpoint is the direct opposite of an exocentric viewpoint.

See Also: Exocentric Viewpoint

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Egocentric Viewpoint

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This book is very much a philosophical viewpoint tome, one which is very relevant to VR, as it meanders between materialism and sensory synergy, arguing back and forth about how motion and sensation are the same thing; two halves of a dynamo engine which continually feed into one another.

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Stereoscopic Display Methods
Visual stereoscopy comes in many flavours. Depending on how the video feed is constructed, and whether or not it was originally designed with stereoscopy in mind, the technology used to deliver a slightly different positional viewpoint to the eye, differs greatly.

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Some Thoughts on Artificial Intelligence
A look on Artificial Intelligence routines for NPCs from a non-technical source. Lookin at the goals you desire, and the types of behaviour worth considering, without going into the detail of how. A novel viewpoint that does make you think.

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Resource List: Visual AR Development
Visual augmented reality elements are amongst the simplest AR elements to integrate into the physical environment. That said, tracking and adjusting for a continually changing user viewpoint, without it becoming obvious that the data is superimposed from VR, is a major undertaking.

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Managing the Participant Viewpoint for greater Immersion
If you run a virtual world, whose premise centres around a form of living or lifestyle significantly different from mainstream society; whether roleplay, persona play, or full blown alternate life, the last thing you desire is for people to enter it, completely ignoring the in-world culture and behaving any way they like.


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