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Electromyography or EMG is an interface method in which the electrical activation of muscles throughout a section of the body via the nerve endings, is actively monitored. A sensor called an electromyograph records the electrical potential of the muscles as they move, and converts this information - with the fore knowledge of which muscles they are - into input data for the VR.

Typically electromyography is used as input control, rather than expression control. For example, movement of the eyelids may be used as a steering command, or a person smiling or not, used to drive forwards or backwards. Theoretically they could be used for expression mapping, but all the muscles of the face would need to be simultaneously monitored.

Alternate methods include monitoring arm and leg muscles.

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Research Behind MUCI Armbands
A PDF released by Microsoft Research, entitled ?Demonstrating the Feasibility of Using Forearm Electromyography for Muscle-Computer Interfaces? details the science behind utilising muscle control as an alternative, viable input system to gesture recognition or spoken commands.
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