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Energy creature

An energy creature is a stereotypical figure. An energy creature is someone who is articulate, has time to spare, access to the net, and a craving for negative attention.

Sometimes called trolls, or griefers, one individual energy creature can stir up dozens or hundreds of other people, fuelling their emotions and provoking a reaction. Every negative response feeds the creature and encourages them on.

Energy creatures derive from Star Trek, where phaser blasts made an energy creature stronger.

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Energy creature


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Energy Recycling, Lighter Robo Legs
Humans are able to naturally recycle about 40% of the energy in a springy step. If this can be accomplished in artificial legs, then the motors and batteries will not have to be quite as large and heavy, making life easier for developers and potential future users of the technologies, such as exoskeletons, prosthetic limbs, robots and other artificial substrate locomotion devices.

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Self-Charging Power Cell converts Mechanical Energy into Stored Chemical Energy
A different paradigm in power generation for implants and prosthetics, combines electrical generation and storage in a single thin three-layer flexible ribbon. Piezoelectric in nature, it builds long-term storage into the electrical ggeneration process. No other battery or powersource required.

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Gryphons: The Creature Guide
A short description of the griffin, includes a good pictorial representation.

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Wireless energy promise powers up
June 2007, and US researchers have successfully tested an experimental system to deliver power to devices without the need for wires.

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The vegetable lamb, a strange and wonderous creature that grows out of the ground, is tied to its rootbase all its life, yet otherwise looks, feels, and plays like a baby sheep.

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The Abiku is a night demon. Coming from western Africa, the Abiku is a humanoid non-corporeal creature which possesses no stomach in it's own body.

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Harpies - a Look in Detail
The harpy has long been a well-known figure in mythology. However, unlike many other mythological creatures, very little has been written about them, almost nothing in fact. This article attempts to provide a realistic view of the harpy as a creature.

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Google PowerMeter as a Sensor Web
Smart meters are all the rage in North America, where they are hooked to the building's power supply, next to the fuse box, ans they keep a live check on how much power the house is consuming, with statistical reporting available for energy consumption over time.

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Naming NPC's
"Gary Cygaks poured through his book of demonology looking for the name of the Demon who would help him free his adventuring company from the clutches of the evil council. And he came across it, "A very evil looking being is here." Knowing that he had found the name of the most powerful creature, he began setting up a circle of summoning. "


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The ?Haptic Creature? is a robotic pet, designed to communicate only haptically. In other words, it only communicates by touch.

The hope of creator Steve Yohanan at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada, is ...

Aircraft maintenance will be easier in future, with sensors monitoring the aircraft skin. If they discover any dents or cracks they will send a radio message to a monitoring unit. The energy needed for this will be obtained from temperature...

Virginia Tech College of Engineering researchers are part of a national study that has cracked how jellyfish move with the lowest cost of transport of any animal. The findings will be used as researchers continue to design bio-inspired jell...

In a laboratory the University of Frankfurt, in Germany, a tiny worm dances to flashes of light. A flash of yellow and it darts forward. A flash of blue and it jerks back. Yellow, forward, blue, back - right on cue every time.


A 3D printer - a machine that "prints" small objects rather than pages - has been used for the first time, in the new animated movie Coraline, to give the characters in an animated movie a far greater range of facial expressions than has ...