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Event Related Potential

An Event Related Potential or ERP is a standardised measure of brain response to either a given thought or a given sensory feedback. It is an attempt to standardise across individuals, the signal detected when a controlled event occurs, such as a pinprick on the palm, or a subject instructed to think a given thought.

There are many different ERPs that occur at different time intervals after the sensory input or internal process has occurred. Typically the 200ms ERP is most commonly used when using ERPs as control signals for computer systems, owing to the relative strength of this signal. Ideally when using an ERP you are looking to minimise the time since the event and the signal you record, but a compromise between delay and strength of signal is inevitable when it comes to increasing accuracy of signal identification to acceptable levels.

Given the nature of biological systems, it is inevitable that the ERP for the same event will differ between individuals across something of a tolerance range. Whilst different individuals will produce similar ERP signals, and certain elements will almost always be the same, swift identification of them usually requires a neural network in the interface circuit, to make an educated guess as to what is being shown.

In theory, increasing familiarity with the brain of a given individual, would increase the accuracy of signal identification by an interface. In practice, ERP based brain machine interfaces are not yet widely enough used to provide a large enough data sample to make such a generalised observation.

In addition to use as an interface, ERP signals are increasingly being used as indicators of neural health, as each one indicates the presence of specific brain processes. In cases where brain damage has occured, they are extremely useful to take stock of exactly which systems were affected.

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