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The False Match Rate or FMR is very similar to a False Accept Rate (FAR). Both are measurements of the error potential in biometric systems. These are systems that use biological data from the human body as direct inputs for control interface or identification of individuals. By its very nature biometric data is organic in origin, and organic data is subject to considerable variance between both individuals and sessions.

The difference between FMR and FAR is subtle, but important. FAR is a measurement of the accuracy of the data being checked. A high FAR indicates that there is a wide margin for error in the data being checked, such that whilst it is possible to pick up all variations an individual might use – differences in their gait for example – opening the net that far may incorrectly identify other individuals as being that person.

On the other hand, narrowing the margin for error too much, will effectively lock out an authorised person who maybe has a sore ankle that day, and is walking slightly differently.

FMR however, is a measure of something slightly worse than a false accept. Whilst a false accept is 'not quite right, but close enough', a false match means exactly that. One command has been misconstrued completely as another command, by the system. Such mistakes are impossible to identify directly by the interface, as the computers are absolutely convinced they had the biometric spot on.

With security this is bad, as it means the system has 100% identified one individual as someone completely different. With interfaces this is arguably just as bad, as it could completely misinterpret a sequence of nerve pulses meaning 'straighten the leg' for ones saying 'relax the muscles'. That's inconvenient in a VR environment, but potentially painful in a prosthetic limb using the same control interface.

Thus, whilst it is arguably acceptable for a biometric system to have a moderately high FAR, FMR rates must be as low as they can possibly be, for a system to be considered viable.

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