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Facial Action Coding System

The Facial Action Coding System, or FACS, was developed in the mid 1970s by psychology professor Paul Ekman as an exhaustive taxonomy of all facial expressions, including 46 intrinsic subconscious facial-muscle movements that are culture-independent to register emotional state on human faces.

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Facial Action Coding System



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MUSH Code: What It Is and Where to Get It
This fairly short introduction to MUSH coding, includes the key facts needed, some excellent references, and a companion article, Coding by Example: +where.

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Top Ten Reasons you are coding on the Wrong Mud
A humourous article, obviously geared for MUDs, but equally applicable to any virtual environment, should you find yourself coding for it, and these things (or their equivalent) start occurring. It may seem silly, but things like this do still occur. Even to so-called commercial worlds.

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Only A Few Basic Emotional Expressions are the Root of All Others
We have known for some time that different cultures perceive different facial expressions as conveying different emotional states, and likewise in different cultures different facial expressions are made. Rather than having ream after ream of options for facial expression sequence files, might there be a far better way to handle such regional differences in recognising avatar-based visual emotional states?

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Large Image Display: Animatrix: Final Flight of the Osiris: Gap between Live Action and CG, Vanishing
A vivid reminder, in the comparison between the CG in Final Flight of the Osiris, and CG shots in the film Matrix Reloaded, of just how close we are coming to achieving the capability for all live action films to be entirely CG based, instead.

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EFIT-V: The Evolved Police Sketch Artist
The problem with photofit and sketch artists is, that human memory is not geared to remember fine facial features, even of people they know well. How then, to take advantage of facial recognition when looking for a suspect's identity?

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Why Plan?
Most NPC behaviour takes place as a set of preprogrammed directives - the expert system approach. What if, instead of doing it this highly efficient, if a bit limited way, and took a new approach - giving the characters a highly flexible "plan of action" that could change at any moment...

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Roleplay Avatars with Emotion
A 'super emoticon' system for online chat, using photos and morphing them to create emotions, works just as well with CGI pictures as it does with faces, opening the way for facial expressions in roleplayed humanoids.

Facial expressions, is exactly what you would expect. It is predominately a huge collection of physical human faces, ranged 20-90, photographed in a huge variety of expressions and emotional states.

An expressive face is a work of art. Constantly moving and changing. Lips, brows, frown lines, each is in constant motion. Stop Staring analyses facial structures and movements, then shows animators how to bring life to the faces of their characters.

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Facial Recognition for Wild Primate Faces
Facial recognition software, normally developed to recognise the faces of human individuals, to interact with and electronically monitor the activities of individuals, has been reapplied to study other animals, keeping the same basic technology in-place.


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Di-O-Matic Incorporated have announced the release of 3D facial animation package Facial Studio 1.5, which they claim is now the most complete package for head creation.

Notably ?most complete? does not entail ?most advance...

Human beings are emotional creatures whose state of mind can usually be observed through their facial expressions.

A commonly-held belief, first proposed by Dr Paul Ekman, posits there are six basic emotions which are univers...

John H. Gass’ driver’s license was erroneously revoked after an anti-terrorism computerized facial recognition system that scans a database of millions of state driver’s license images picked his as a possible fraud.


A new imaging programme which could help transform the treatment of facial surgery, burns, and orthodontics has won a top innovation award.

Dr Colin Urquhart, of Glasgow-based Dimensional Imaging, is to receive the Gannochy T...

10 June 2009 - 10 June 2009
Edinburgh, UK

Facial animation is a broad and exciting area of research drawing on multiple disciplines: computer graphics and animation provide the means to render and display a face; com...