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First Person Perspective

First Person Perspective is the general term used to describe a perspective from your virtual body, treating it as your own. You see out of your avatar's eyes, hear out of your avatar's ears. If the simulation is haptically active, you feel with the avatar's body and so on.

Your entire experience of the virtual environment is from the perspective of your avatar body, treating it as your own.

See Also: Second Person Perspective, Third Person Perspective, Adjustable Camera

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Endgame: Singularity is a single player game, developed to give a little taste of the perspective of a singularity event from the perspective of the emerging, embryonic AI. It skips over more than a few steps on its way out, but is still a unique perspective on the singularity, worthy of a look.

World Review: Furcadia
World Review: Furcadia welcome screen
Furcadia is a third-person perspective world - you view your character from above, in an isometric view.

To connect and participate in Furcadia is free, however, there are many alluring extras, add-ons for your characters, available for purchase.
Special Client Required

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Book Quotes: Refusing to See - AI Rights
Idoru is, essentially, one long piece on the struggle to understand the quest for robot rights ? or in this case, the rights of an AI itself, from an outsider?s perspective; from the perspective of one who refuses to accept the AI as other than a tool, despite all evidence to the contrary.

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Adh Sidhe
A creature from worldwide mythology, included for accurate content within the virtual. The Adh Sidhe hail from Ireland. They are spirit-folk of an uncertain appearance. Not so much shape shifters as perceived differently from person to person.

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Third Person Mudding?
With the slow decline of text-based VR, the skill of writing engrossing descriptions in third person speech, engaging and immersing the user, has been a skill slowly dying out. However, such descriptive, self-inclusive prose has its place, even in the most graphical of worlds. This article gives a few pointers on how.

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A new life, a happier life, a virtual life
The life which most crave for is a life in which the form they wear is one of their choosing, one in which the visage they present matches the person inside. A life which feels as physically real as the one left behind, in which the person is more active, more vibrant, more alive than they might have been otherwise.

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You Play my Language?
An exotic stranger smiles at you. You approach with a coy ease, looking up and down at the gorgeous visuals this person is putting on, intrigued by the prospect of an intense interaction. You say hi, casually introduce yourself, maybe tell a joke, but there is a problem: This person does not speak your language. Designing round language problems in virtual worlds.

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Large Image Display: The Stepford Wives: A Cash Machine Spouse
In the film, this is the first time we meet one of the cyborg women for what they really are - what they have become. Almost mindless, controlled robots. This repeats the message that any upgrade, or augment to the body and to the brain must always be consented to by the person receiving it, with full implications understood. If it is not, you risk turning a person into what is seen here: An appliance of convenience.

Stay is one of the songs by Shakespeare's Sister, a British band. It sings of one person?s desire to get out of the world, to find another, better world to inhabit. One of the singers is singing for the person to stay, the other is singing not for them to go, but that they will wake up ?in your own world?. This second half of the song is very powerful.

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Large Image Display: Animatrix: Matriculated: Plugging In
This shows what is essentially a full sensory immersion LAN. An eight person, totally self contained full-immersion VR machine. As shown, the interface method is direct neural biofeedback; the staple for the Matrix universe. Each of the person's brains are connected to the system via their brainstem, allowing full two way bodily sensory stimulus. However, there is no connection to the greater internet.


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Previous attempts to use robots to guide limbs have required the person concerned to be strapped to them. Now a team at the University of Karlsruhe, Germany, is developing a human-sized machine which is able to lightly hold a person's fore...

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If battery-making is an art, then University at Buffalo scientist Esther Takeuchi is among its most prolific masters, with more than 140 U.S. patents, all in energy storage.

Takeuchi developed the battery that made possible t...

The Chameleon Project, a collaboration between artist Tina Gonsalves - currently in residence at the MIT Media Lab - and neuroscientists involves using face recognition software that analyses a person's expression as they walk into a room...

Microsoft researchers have developed a way to automatically guess a person's mode of transport from their GPS trace alone.

Analysis showed that knowing a person's speed is not enough to predict their mode of transport. Unpr...