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Flexible Object

A flexible object is literally an object whose shape is deformable, and whose mesh changes shape dynamically in response to outside forces, such as a physics engine. Typical uses of flexible objects include hair and cloth simulation, where the object remains in one piece, but must drape and flow across other objects.

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A 3D Scanner for which No Object is Too Big or Too Small
3D scanners are considered the normal way to turn a physical object into a 3D construct in avirtual environment. Detailed, efficient, relatively fast - providing your object is roughly the same size as your scanner. If it is not, well, maybe a new paradigm is required...

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External-Grade 3D Scanners
All 3D scanners have had one thing in common: You place the object inside the scanner, which performs a scan either around the object or through the object. However, if the item is too big to be encapsulated in this fashion, and you still have to scan it, you need an entirely different type of scanner.

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Wafer Thin Flexible Integrated Circuits
A team of researchers from the University of Pennsylvania has shown that nanoscale particles, or nanocrystals, of the semiconductor cadmium selenide can be "printed" or "coated" on flexible plastics to form high-performance electronics that can be bent, flexed, and even folded, without losing their capability to computate.

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Proof of Concept for “The 3D Printer Problem”
For SIGGRAPH 2013, one joint research team presented a proof of concept method to solve the 3D printer problem - the ability of any 3D printer to theoretically counterfeit any physical object small enough for it to print. They demonstrate a terahertz-radiation 'watermark' that can be 3D printed inside a genuine object, is easy to scan for, and very difficult to duplicate from the scan data.

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Artificial Hydroapatite
Hydroapatite is a naturally occurring mineral. It is a form of calcium apatite and makes up around 70% of the internal structure of human bones and teeth. Lightweight, strong, and flexible, it is an ideal material for supporting active limbs.

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Flexible, Implantable Biosensor for Healthcare
A prototype health sensor has been created that can be implanted inside the human body, bend to wrap around organs, and monitor in real-time any changes, illuminated by it's own light. The only problem is, it's still in the prototype stage.

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Flexible Power for Prosthetics
Providing power for prosthetic devices has always been somewhat of a tricky endeavour, frought with compromises. Battery packs are heavy, cumbersome and heat up quite significantly. They have to be carefully placed, to avoid upsetting balance, and the weight offset by stripping out material elsewhere.

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Why Plan?
Most NPC behaviour takes place as a set of preprogrammed directives - the expert system approach. What if, instead of doing it this highly efficient, if a bit limited way, and took a new approach - giving the characters a highly flexible "plan of action" that could change at any moment...

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Nanotube Integrated Circuits a Reality
In February 2011, the first true breakthrough in microscopic, flexible substrate transistors was achieved. Professor Esko I. Kauppinen from Aalto University developed a fast and simple method of producing high-performance thin-film transistors on an ultra-thin plastic substrate.

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Large Image Display: Animatrix: Matriculated: Flexible Design
Continuing on from the still Large Image Display: Animatrix: Matriculated: Designed to Run, this single shot looks at how the robots respond when they encounter a threat they ordinarily cannot handle. The antenna that we could see above the eye sensors in the previous shot, are now on the bottom of the robot.


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Nokia has unveiled "Morph," a shape-changing mobile devices concept based on nanotechnology.

The concept demonstrates how future mobile devices might be stretchable and flexible, allowing the user to transform the gadget i...

OmniGuide, Inc. has recently announced their new BeamPath NEURO? flexible CO2 laser for neurosurgery. According to the company, it is the first flexible CO2 laser scalpel out there. The big idea is to allow neurosurgeons to perform precise ...

Can a flexible LED placed on the human heart, brain, or blood vessels diagnose or even treat various diseases? New research suggests these possibilities may soon become a reality.

A team of researchers in South Korea led by P...

Intel corporation is applying for a patent for flexible display technology based on a pair of flexible sheets which sandwich some magnetic display elements between them.

These magnetic display elements would have a varying de...

Adhezion Biomedical LLC, a medical device manufacturer has announced that the US FDA has provided marketing clearance for its SurgiSeal stitch replacement system.

SurgiSeal is basically a flexible, strong barrier, that holds ...