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Focus Blur

Focus blur is a fullscreen effect intended to replicate the visual acuity of a camera in the virtual environment. It is also known as depth blur, depth of field, or lens blur. It creates a focus-field, usually by means very similar to an alpha blend of the final image in the video buffer, which renders only objects at a given depth as solid. The others get rendered increasingly fuzzily as they move away from the target depth.

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The Omni-focus
The omni-focus is a camera system with the ability to function much like the human eye - capturing objects in its field of vision regardless of the distance, in perfect focus. It even adapts an algorithm from VR, in order to do so.

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Cameras Without Lenses
It sounds odd to think of cameras without lenses to focus the light, because cameras have continually been created with intent to replicate the eye, and the eye has a lens. Without a lens, how do you focus light? Well you don't, but that's ok, because you don't have to.

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Alternate reality games blur reality and fiction
A mainstream media piece on the growing explosion of augmented reality gaming - combining physical and virtual data as one, in order to play location-based games.

It can be hard to truly explain the focus of a complex worlds system in a single article; this semi-slideshow format is designed to give you an overview in easilly digestible, bitesize chunks.

ActiveWorlds released it's 4.1 codebase in early June 2006. This was a radical departure from previous versions, with focus on collaborative interactivity, and realistic effects.

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Are Virtual Assets Taxable?
Industry News

A key question, and very very valid as more and more focus shifts to VR based items, and ever-larger sums of money change hands for them. Are your non-corporeal assets actually taxable?

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Sensor Web Begins to Form: 2008
This year, the focus is on pervading social tagging, and upsurge in GPS devices and wearable computing. In addition, of course, the devices on offer are in almost all cases, a decisive improvement on the status of various technologies on offer this time last year.

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Beating the Limitations of Camera-Monitor Mediated Telepresence with Extra Eyes
When interacting physially, you are most aware of your immediate surroundings, and less aware of objects further away. In telepresence that is usually reversed, as the telepresence screen you focus on concentrates itself on objects far away. Is there any way to combat this? Perhaps...

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Attention is what makes Sensory Data Stand Out
The title above should come as no surprise to most people. However, we now have empirical scientific evidence to back this up. When you concentrate your attention or focus on a particular channel of sensory input, it comes in clear and sharp, regardless of the background information. The study focuses on the sense of sight, but what applies there, applies to all.

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Podcast: Woody Norris: Inventing the next amazing thing: Directional Sound
The talk is primarily focussed on demonstrating his new invention 'hypersonic sound'. It is essentially a way to precisely focus sound, or as the inventor puts it "put sound where you want to." This has obvious implications for 3D sound effects in virtual reality and channeled sound cones in augmented reality.


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An elected California official wants the state known for Internet technology to blur images of schools, hospitals, government buildings and houses of worship in online maps.

Southern California assemblyman Joel Anderson, a Re...

University of Texas at Austin researchers have discovered how to extract and use information in an individual image to determine how far objects are from the focus distance, a feat only accomplished by human and animal visual systems until ...

For photographers, it's sometimes difficult to keep both the foreground and background of an image in focus. Focusing somewhere between the two can ensure that neither is blurry; but neither will be particularly sharp, either. On Friday, a...

Many people are unhappy about being filmed by CCTV in case the footage is used against them in some way. Now a surveillance technology company has come up with a method of scrambling the images of anyone in CCTV film who is not a suspect.

Korea is a blur of activity in the MMO sector, with over 200 new entertainment worlds under development, and an amazing countrywide internet infrastructure. The Korean Game Developers Conference is an annual conference organized by Korea...