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Force Ball

A force ball is a ball-shaped device that fits in the hand comfortably. You can squeeze it, or push it in any given direction. An actuator in the middle of the ball, works like a corpuscle. It detects the squeezing, and how the ball is being squeezed, then translates that into different commands - like clicking buttons. A motion sensor, also inside the ball, picks up on any movement, and treats that like a mouse ball in 3D space.

Force balls have a full six degrees of motion - left-right, up-down, forward-backward, tilt, roll, pitch. Unlike a 6DOF mouse however, you do not have to hold them in 3D space - just resting in your hand on the desk is enough for a complete range of movement.

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Force Ball


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VR Interfaces: Novint Falcon
Novint Falcon is a commercial grade haptics unit. Essentially, it is a 3D joystick that responds with the full range of force: Weight, shape, texture, dimension, dynamics and force effects.

Ray Kurzweil is a formidable force in VR and AI. Hell, he is a formidable force anywhere he has turned his attention. He has a knack for predicting the future, and so far so far not a single one of his predictions has ever been wrong. This book is his theory on Accelerating Intelligence made flesh and a warning for the monumental acceleration of technological change in the years to come.

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I See in My Crystal Ball...
Not an artile easy to sum up, this is essential reading for anyone thinking of going commercial - a look aheard at the battles that are going to be fought between worlds, in the near future. Of the views that have got to change, and the services that will have to be in place. Read it, or splash around. You have been warned.

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This Blessed Plot, Part Three
Looks at the most powerful of all plots - those which force a permanant change to something within the world, and what you have to bear in mind to achieve this.

One of the great issues with immersive VR has always been allowing natural movement in enclosed spaces. The VirtuSphere looks a lot like a giant mouse ball, or hamster wheel. However, it is perfect for the task at hand - complete freedom in all six degrees.

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Haptics Theories Upturned: Pressure Independent of Velocity
It has been a staple of our understanding of the processes behind human dexterity for decades, that the faster you push at something, the more force you exert. Now, it seems that is not actually accurate.

Debuted at CES 2009, mind flex is a Mattel thought controlled child's toy. Brainwaves are read to spin a fan faster or slower, to allow a ping-pong ball to navigate an obstacle course.

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The VirtuaSphere is the first of its kind, a rotating bubble like a giant hamster ball. It surrounds the user, responding to their every movement, and using doppler radar to detect, then translate that into a 3D virtual environment. Roaming freely without end. No walls, no obstacles, no boundaries to movement.

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Cystal [eye]ball: Precognitive Eyes are Normal
It takes our brain nearly one-tenth of a second to translate the light that hits our retina into a visual perception of the world around us. Because of the 10th of a second delay, an Assistant Professor has developed a case arguing that our visual system needs to do more than just report current events - it needs to see the future as well.


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The Air Force said Monday that it perform...

The UK Ministry of Defence has created a visual sensor stirdy enough to be lobbed as a grenade. Dubbed the I-Ball, the device is completely wireless and self-contained, designed like aa bulky frisbee to always land one way up, containing im...

Open to the public at the British Science Museum, in London for the end of December, brainwave detection technology has advanced to the point it can be used in gaming.

The BrainWave EEG game is designed to promote relaxation ...