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Full Sensory Stimulation

Full sensory stimulation or sensory immersion, is a goal of all interface technologies whether VR or SimStim based. It refers to the point in which every sensory capacity the human body has – every external sense – is simultaneously tied into the same interface system, and experiencing a remote or virtual reality in exactly the same way as being there physically.

See Also: Sensory Immersion, SimStim

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Full Sensory Stimulation



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Large Image Display: Chrysalis: Virtual Sexual Stimulation: Part 2
Part two of a two-part series taking a look at virtual sex devices as portrayed in the 2007 French film Chrysalis, and comparing them to what we know of real-world counterparts. This part takes a look at the more sophisticated full sensory immersion devices, and how increased sensory presence may actually greatly reduce the risks exposed in part one.

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Large Image Display: Animatrix: Matriculated: Plugging In
This shows what is essentially a full sensory immersion LAN. An eight person, totally self contained full-immersion VR machine. As shown, the interface method is direct neural biofeedback; the staple for the Matrix universe. Each of the person's brains are connected to the system via their brainstem, allowing full two way bodily sensory stimulus. However, there is no connection to the greater internet.

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Book Quotes: Games as The Forebears of VR
Ironically this quote from Neuromancer, was not true at the time. Now, whilst VR lags behind gaming in some respects, games themselves are starting to look at the VR field and take many aspects on board, to offer player customisation and increased sensory stimulation.

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A Selection Of The Dark Uses For SimStim
SimStim of Simulated Stimulation, is a powerful technology under development. There are always those who would use a technology to evil ends, and sensory recordings can certainly do much evil. Twenty-six examples of the less wholesome uses this will almost certainly be put to.

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Vagus Nerve and Neurostimulation
Stimulation of the vagus nerve is one usage that we already have for neurostimulators. The vagus nerve is one of the most critical body sensory and control nerves since it does not deal with the outer body, instead heading straight down into the organs of the torso.

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Book Quotes: SimStim Rom - A Medical Escapism
The use of pre-recorded full sensory experiences as a means of preventing pain and occupying the mind whilst doctors and surgeons work.

Our perception of the world is driven by sensory input which is sent to our brains through sequences of spikes carried by sensory neurons, an incoming/outgoing "language of the brain". This book explores the way in which the nervous system represents or encodes these sensory signals.

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Changing Self Perspective with VR
A key set of experiments building on the rubber hand illusion, have opened the floodgates for full sensory immersion - proving that the brain will identify with the body it perceives itself to be in, not necessarily the body it is housed in.

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Wireless Data Swifter than Wired Data
One of the real issues with wireless data transfer is the slow speed at which it transfers data. Near-future high-sensory-bandwidth systems such as virtual reality and simulated stimulation are even at this stage, pushing the limits of bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Anxious to download his wedding videos more quickly, a German researcher has created a 1GB/sec system, with the potential for wireless 10GB/sec.


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A team at Children's National Medical Center has found that external stimulation has an impact on the postnatal development of a specific region of the brain. Published in Nature Neuroscience, the study used sensory deprivation to look at ...

Nanotechnology Business have conducted an interview with Robert Freitas, author of Nanomedicine, on, amoungst other topics, the use of nanobots in the body to create a pervasive virtual reality.

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Whales, bats, and even praying mantises use ultrasound as a sensory guidance system and now a new study has found that ultrasound can modulate brain activity to heighten sensory perception in humans.

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A University of Adelaide study has found that mild and repeated doses of magnetic brain stimulation can be an effective treatment for chronic depression.

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Benoit Dawant, an electrical engineer at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, US, and colleagues are attempting to combine the data from a large number of patient treatments with deep brain stimulation using implanted electrodes, in order to...