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Future Casting

Future casting or 'future forecasting' is a method of using fictitious stories based on real technologies, or hard core sci-fi to make predictions about the world of the future, or the social, economic or political impacts and disruptive waves a given technology or technological application will bring.

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Future Casting


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Future Chat
What do students think about the future of teaching, learning, and technology? The Threshold/ISTE Youth Forum gave 11 high-school students a platform to help us learn from those who will lead us into the future. Warning: 470 kb Adobe Acrobat document

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Separating Interface from Content - Why?
Not everyone dreams of immersing totally within the virtual; casting off the physical body like yesterdays clothes, and embracing digital life. Not everyone desires a full-blown interface. It is undeniable that those who do desire it, do so for good reason, but choice is paramount in life and it should never be forced. Certainly not if you desire to keep paying customers.

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Future of fashion
A detailed look atthe duality of appearance likely in the near future, where we may appear one way in the physical world, and have a whole range of digital appearances in the augmented reality and virtual environment worlds.

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Being-There, Later...
Given the ability to mathematically replicate natural physical laws, and the ability to handle all variables in a given situation, the logical future of all research-simulation is the prediction of future events.

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A Ghostly World
You are travelling through a forest, dappled sunlight streaming through the branches above, casting shadows on the ground. Leaves crunch underfoot, and the odour floats up to you. Closing your eyes, you reach out to pluck a flower - and feel nothing. Opening your eyes, you see your hand is in the middle of the plant you tried to pluck. Carefully, focussing with your eyes, by trial and error, you grasp and break off the flower, not feeling anything between your fingers. Suddenly, you realise you cannot even feel your fingers, you have not been feeling them, and you run a hand over your body, no sensation; you have to look to see you are touching skin.

This book was originally produced in 1962, heralding Arthur?s predictions of the future of mankind, from a technological standpoint, across all sectors of industry and life. The updated version has a chapter dedicated to VR, robotics, and the post human world.

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The Future of Human Enhancement
An interview with Nick Bostrom, the director of the Future of Humanity Institute at Oxford University, and how he believes it's time to open the ethical debate surrounding human enhancement.

This tome lays out how the dystopian internet of the near future will look if trends continue as they are, and shows how the internet of the past would have looked had individuals not acted to stop other similar attempts.

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Augmented Conferencing
A recent news story covered BT's attempts to wire up the conference room of the future. However, BT's spokesperson, Lesley Gavin, seemed less than clued up on use of the virtual technologies that would likely be employed. We would like to suggest our own version for how we think the conference event of the medium-term future will be held. Twenty years from now.

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GDC 2002 - Future of MMOs
An excellent overview of the proceedings of the GDC 2002 conference discussion of the future of MMOs.


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